Sideline Chatter: Moyer's challenge

By Dwight Perry/The Seattle Times (MCT)
April 26, 2012 at 6:03 p.m.
Updated April 25, 2012 at 11:26 p.m.

Jamie Moyer's fastball is slow by big-league standards, but it's not Joe Blow slow.

The Class A Fort Myers (Fla.) Miracle offered any fan who could throw faster than 78 mph _ the 49-year-old Moyer's top speed when he became the oldest pitcher to win a big-league game _ a free ticket to a Miracle game.

Alas, about 85 took the challenge _ and the top speed was 76.


TV Guide dogs

Among the top 10 shows on Dog TV, courtesy of CBS's David Letterman:

_ "Keeping Up With the Pomeranians."

_ "Doogie Schnauzer, M.D."

_ "Neuter, She Wrote."


Subway Series II

A Manhattan Subway store made headlines with its sculpted Robert Griffin III sandwich made up of barbecue chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and chili peppers.

Jets fans, not to be outdone, are demanding a Tim Tebow version, with two fish and five loaves of bread.


They call him Twitter

Brazilian soccer star Kaka became the first athlete to accumulate 10 million Twitter fans, sending out his tweets in English, Spanish and Portuguese to _ at last count _ 10,012,862 followers.

Twitter fans and critics had the same reaction: That's a lot of Kaka.


Relief law

Lawyers for pitcher Roger Clemens say Clemens' former strength coach mishandled or altered syringes and other evidence that the government is using to try to prove Clemens lied about using steroids and HGH.

Or to put it in baseball terms, Brian McNamee should be credited with a blown hold.


Quote marks

_ David Whitley of, on the BCS considering a switch to a college-football playoff: "Let that sink in a minute. We're talking a generations-long struggle. It's like the end of the Cold War, with pieces of the Berlin Wall falling on the Rose Bowl Queen."

_ Headline at "Canucks too disappointing to even riot over."

_ NBC's Jay Leno, on Metta World Peace's suspension: "I haven't seen an NBA player take an elbow like that since Kris Humphries got between Kim Kardashian and a camera."


Aloha, Pro Bowl?

The Pro Bowl _ arguably the worst all-star game in sports _ is on the NFL chopping block, sources say.

Apparently the players demanded to make it shirts and skins, flag, or two-hand touch.


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