Years ago for Sunday, Apr 29, 2012

April 26, 2012 at midnight
Updated April 25, 2012 at 11:26 p.m.


April 30 - A. Goldman, a prominent ginner and cotton factor of this city, will let the contract in a few days for the erection of a cotton warehouse on the corner opposite the Williams Lumber Yard. The warehouse will be of cement, and 60 by 100 feet. This will give Mr. Goldman two cement warehouses.

May 1 - John J. Welder today bought from C.S.E. Holland the old Allnoch property at the corner of Main and Constitution Streets, which is the finest piece of property in Victoria. The deal had been pending for some time, but was not closed until this morning. The old buildings will be dismantled, and a modern five-story business block erected in their place.


May 2 - As President Roosevelt finally reached southern gulf waters of Corpus Christi Saturday morning aboard the White House yacht, the Potomac, Secretary Marvin H. McIntyre moved his temporary staff from New Orleans to Galveston, where communications with the president will be more accessible.

May 4 - President Roosevelt redeemed his reputation as a fisherman late Monday by landing a 4-foot 8-inch 90-pound tarpon off Aransas Pass. It was his first catch since he first cast his line into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico last Saturday.

May 5 - This evening at eight o'clock, in Smith-Fischer Hall, King Frank of the House of Crain will crown Queen Eleanor Ann of the House of Van Zandt in an unusually pompous Maytime festival. In addition to a large representation of our own high school and junior college students, there will be a number of visiting dukes and duchesses in the brilliant court. Miss Dororthy Stolz, one of the city's most talented dancers, will present a number. Benny Prouse's Orchestra will play throughout the coronation ball that will follow the conclusion of the spectacular May fete.


May 4 - St. Joseph's High School graduates were honored with a testimonial dinner Wednesday at the Victoria Country Club by the school Mothers Club. Principal speaker was the Rev. Richard Toal, pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows Church. Guests of honor included the Rev. Msgr. F.O. Beck, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church; Brother William Callahan, school principal; the Rev. Clement Otting, senior class moderator; Brother Robert Weissert, senior class moderator; Brother Timothy Dwyer, athletic director; John Connor, coach; Brother Lawrence Buxkemper, senior teacher; and Brother Timothy O'Laughlin, senior teacher. David Hanselka, president of the senior B class, read the class prophecy, and Roger Stockbauer, president of the senior A class, read the last will and testament. The mothers' committee in charge of dinner arrangements included Mrs. John Edgar, Mrs. Fred Stockbauer, Mrs. Rodney Baker, Mrs. D.X. Sengele Jr., Mrs. Herbert Schoener, Mrs. Allston Dotson, Mrs. Victor Hanselka, Mrs. H.C. Moreau and Mrs. Charles Vincent.


April 29 - State Sen. Ken Armbrister of Victoria defended in Austin Tuesday his proposal to license Texans to carry handguns, assuring colleagues that the legislation would not result in streets in the state deteriorating into another Dodge City.

"I believe the people of Texas want the opportunity to protect themselves, their businesses and their families from the criminals who already carry guns and will continue to carry guns if this law is passed," said Armbrister, a former Victoria police captain.

Richard Manning, National Rifle Association state liaison for Texas, described Armbrister's measure as an "important bill to the NRA," according to the Associated Press.

"This bill is right. Law-abiding citizens have to have a legal means to choose whether to have a gun for self-defense purposes," Manning said.

May 3 - The curtain will rise Tuesday on the biggest show in Congress since Watergate when former Maj. Gen. Richard Secord slides into the witness chair in the historic Senate Caucus Room and begins unraveling the mysteries of the Iran-Contra affair.

By the time the last television camera is turned off in mid-summer, investigators hope to lay bare the details of the Reagan administration's arms-for-hostages swaps and trace to the fullest extent possible the secret diversion of cash to the Nicaraguan Contra rebels.



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