Calhoun County Democratic Party Sheriff candidates

April 30, 2012 at 12:03 p.m.
Updated April 29, 2012 at 11:30 p.m.

Mark Daigle

Mark Daigle

Editor's note: The Advocate is profiling candidates in the May 29 primary election. This profile features candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for Calhoun County Sheriff. The winner will face Republican Troy Baxter in the November general election.

Name: George Aleman

Age: 59

City/County Of residence: Port Lavaca, Calhoun County

Occupation: Patrol Supervisor

Office Seeking: Calhoun County Sheriff

Why do you want to serve in this position?

With plant expansions and new businesses in our county that means an increase in population and with growth comes a rise in crime. I will be more aggressive in the fight against drugs. We know that other crimes derive from the sale and use of drugs. We need to be prepared to face growth and the rise in crime. With my experience I can lead our sheriff's office to face this challenge.

I will work with our county commissioners to operate within our budget. I will improve working relations with the district attorney's office and other law enforcement agencies.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

My experience of 36 years in law enforcement, 29 of those years have been in supervisory or administrative positions. I have served in law enforcement agencies outside of Calhoun County. With experience from those agencies I can build a professional, up-to-date law enforcement, and cost-effective sheriff's office. I have trained several officers who have gone on to become supervisors, investigators and narcotic officers. I am confident of my leadership capabilities and will not hesitate to implement new and modern ideals.

If elected , how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I will cut frivolous spending and stay within the budget. I will seek and apply for grants to off set our budget.

I will capitalize on each individual officer's knowledge and training to provide you with a professional and highly dedicated staff to serve your needs. I will unite with other law enforcement agencies to fight our growing drug problem in Calhoun County. As we know most crimes are related to the use or sale of drugs. thefts, burglaries, robberies, assaults, to name a few.

I will not hesitate to seek the help from state and or federal agencies.

Phone number, address, email address or website where people can contact you.

Phone: 361-652-0152

Address: 306 Travis St., Port Lavaca, Texas, 77979


Name: Mark Daigle

Age: 47

City/county of residence: Calhoun County

Occupation: Chief deputy of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

Political party: Democrat

Office Seeking: Sheriff of Calhoun County

Why do you want to serve in this position?

I have been with the sheriff's office for 23 years. In those years I have worked for four different sheriffs who all had their own style and way of doing things. During this time I took notes and saw what worked well and in some circumstances what needed tweaking. I want to take all the experiences and things I have learned and apply them to my style of management. I am a life-long resident of Calhoun County and want the best for the citizens. I have always been a visible presence in the community and that will never change.

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

I have held nearly every position in the sheriff's office. I worked as a jailer until I went to the police academy and became a certified police officer. I worked as a patrol deputy until I was promoted to a criminal investigator. I held that position for several years and was later made sergeant shift supervisor. While serving as a shift supervisor I attended the communications officer class and was certified as a dispatcher. When Sheriff B.B. Browning became sheriff in 1997 I was promoted to chief deputy, the position I have held for 15 years.

If elected, how will you go about effectively serving your constituents?

I will continue to foster a good relationship with other law enforcement agencies. We have set the foundation for a great relationship with our local police agencies and constable offices. I will foster these relationships and continue to build them so we may become one force together to fight crime and continue our battle with the drug problems that plague our communities. We will all work together toward a common goal of making our community safe for everyone.

Phone number, address, email address or website where people can contact you for more information.

Contact phone number: 361-550-5505

Address: 495 N. Maxwell Lane, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979

website: or find me on Facebook.



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