Callers talk about VISD trophies, other topics

Aug. 1, 2012 at 3:01 a.m.

In reading today's paper, I see where Obama is at it again. He wants to spend $585 million on illegal students. Why doesn't he spend it on those that are legally here, who are struggling to pay their college bills?

Gay, Victoria

I'm calling to express my disgust with VISD officials for destroying trophies and other memorabilia of the former Stroman and Victoria High Schools. How can you expect students to have school spirit when their awards are so thoroughly disdained?

Dorothy, Victoria

Come on Victoria Advocate. Are you going to treat this as another Chubby's incident? I hope not. Enough is enough; or are you going after more awards? The ones I feel sorry for are the children involved. Stupid parents. They were coming over here illegally, so remember that, people. We cannot support them in everything that they want.

R.G., Schroeder

I was just wondering ... The boat owner and his wife are beautiful people and made a nice front page, but did I miss the picture of the teen who caught that trophy fish? I didn't see it anywhere.

Virginia, Victoria



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