Vincent's Betrayal: More than a typical garage band, they seem to be doing things their way

By by timothy danger/special to the advocate
Aug. 1, 2012 at 3:01 a.m.

A lot of times, when I talk to a band and ask them about their sound, a standard answer is usually the chief songwriter sheepishly talking about how tough it is to describe themselves.

This is not the case with Vincent's Betrayal. If you asked them to describe their sound, they would simply answer "metal." A simple enough answer, but if you consider that there are almost as many subgenres of metal as there is jazz music, the local progressive metal act does pretty good for themselves, indeed.

The band, which consists of Erick Pollard on guitar, J.T. Cano on bass and Rubin Garza on drums, are much more than a typical garage band, they seem to be doing things their way and with a thought process.

Take their name, for example. "We knew that it would be the kind of name that would make people stop and ask what it means," Pollard said.

Also, take into account that the band does something unusual, they play ... without a vocalist. "It's not that we are against a singer, it's just that we haven't found the right one yet."

The band also went on to explain that it isn't just finding someone who can sing - a person who can mesh well with the dynamic is also important in any successful band.

The band has made a name for themselves in the local music scene, playing shows regularly in the downtown area. Their unique blend of old-school metal riffs without vocals paint a picture alongside other local acts, including saving the day on a couple of shows where other bands dropped out of a bill. Vincent's Betrayal has been there to fill in the slot, no matter what genre.

Which leads the band to their next phase. With a new EP coming out in September, the band is ready to start branching out to new venues, and get new listeners.

The band is having an EP release show Sept. 8, but until then, fans can listen to their new songs on the band's Soundcloud page.



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