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VBEC spotlight business: The Dow Chemical Co.

Aug. 4, 2012 at 3:04 a.m.

Select employees of Dow-Seadrift Operations are,  from left, Candi Nunley, Lorena Barjenbruch, Anthony Hermes, James Bartay, David Lightbody, Daniel Ripa and Gerry Wyant.

The Victoria Business and Education Coalition is recognizing businesses that have shown a commitment to volunteering in Victoria schools.

The Dow Chemical Company has been around since 1954 and has 525 contractors. The company connects chemistry and innovation with the principles of sustainability to help address many of the world's most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, renewable energy generation and conservation.

In 2011, Dow had annual sales of $60 billion and employed about 52,000 people worldwide. The company manufacturers more than 5,000 products at 197 sites in 36 countries across the globe.

Employees of Dow-Seadrift Operations have volunteered numerous times leading one hour sessions for the business etiquette presentation, as well as mentoring students one on one.

The center explains why the organization wants to give back:

Why do you feel it is important to be involved in our educational system?

It's great for employees to spend time with students - not just passing along their knowledge, but gaining new insights and perspectives. Learning is a two-way street for employers and students - they can learn from each other.

How has being an active volunteer in the educational community helped your business or yourself, if any?

Being a part of the educational community helps businesses communicate with students about the opportunities available to them when they have the right skill set. This helps businesses develop a future pool of potential employees.

How could a partnership between the businesses and educational community help Victoria?

Communities in which all sectors - business, education, community, government, etc. - work together are stronger and more closely integrated. They are uniquely able to meet each other's needs. Both businesses and schools benefit - but the most important winners are the students.



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