Angry letter was completely wrong

Aug. 4, 2012 at 3:04 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Mrs. Spann, we're very sorry for all you're going through, but your opinion of my brother Danny is completely wrong. During the time of your son's tragic accident, Danny was offered a really great job, and the election dates kept changing due to re-districting, so he was thinking maybe it was a sign for him to withdraw from the race and let your husband continue the race without him in the picture. He called a meeting with all the campaign volunteers, we all decided that he should continue the race because we all knew that this was his true passion. He also called some of the other candidates to inform them that he would no longer be participating in the stock show parade out of respect for the Spann family; some of the candidates followed him in this. He called everyone who had sign magnets on their vehicles and asked them to remove them, again out of respect for the Spann family.

During this time, this "snake" and his wife cooked dinner for at least 20 people and delivered it to your family.

Mrs. Spann, my brother lost his grandson just over a month ago, so I ask you, what did you do for his family? Have you even offered condolences, isn't that something Christians and neighbors should do for each other?

My brother is a very intelligent and experienced man, and if that's what makes you think he is a "Mr. Know-It-All" as you say, then I guess he is guilty of that. But the other comment you made about him and "his starched self" made us all laugh because his wife is constantly on him about going out without ironing his shirt. He's always told me people should be more concerned about what kind of person is inside, not whether or not his clothes are ironed.

That's when I realized that you really don't know my brother at all.

I don't believe Christians should ever pray with malicious intent, my prayers for you and your family is that God give you strength, faith and healing.

Phillip Garcia, Bloomington



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