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Fashion tips with Haili Z: Austin Fashion | Style on the Street

By Haili Z
Aug. 9, 2012 at 3:09 a.m.

Models, from left, Carly Roye, Hayley Creveling and Kelsey Creveling wear the best trends of summer.

Fashion is a form of self-expression at our state capitol and fashion is everywhere from Lady Bird Lake to South Congress. Simple apparel is adorned with stylish glasses; dresses that can be worn to a cocktail party or wedding are paired with cowboy boots keeping the look casually chic. Explore the fashion on the streets of Austin as fashion columnist Haili Z approaches locals and finds out just how to get their style.

Kelsey Creveling, spotted on South Congress, describes her style:

"My overall style can be described as classic. I gravitate toward timeless pieces that always look great, and make me feel great in them. I truly believe in having less, but spending money on things that you love because you will always enjoy wearing or using them. It's how I justify some of my big purchases but I have to say I don't regret any of them," Creveling said.

How New York influenced this Austinite - Carly Roye's look:

"When it comes to my wardrobe, the rules are simple: color and comfort. I went to school in New York so finding a balance between looking good and being able to move quickly was a constant challenge. It was always about finding an outfit that you could run to catch the subway in, yet still stand out in a city of 8 million. My go-to outfit is a high-waisted, brightly colored maxi skirt with a plain white tee. Long skirts allow you too look uber feminine, without the constraint of most dresses or skirts, and I'm convinced that everyone looks good in a white T-shirt," Roye said.

Mary-Lauren, describes her picture perfect style on the street:

"I love the short-to-long look, I think it does a great job of lengthening the look of the legs. I paired it with a plain white tank top, which I believe should be a staple in anyone's wardrobe. For my sandals, I chose cute black flats from Steve Madden. These shoes are a great way to look cute while also being comfortable. To tie the outfit together, I wore a side-shoulder Tory Burch bag. I have everything from lipgloss to my credit card right at my side," Mary Lauren said.

Reagan Flume incorporates color in her wardrobe for a radiant look:

"My style depends on what mood I'm in; as I have outfits ranging from preppy to trendy to more of a classic and vintage look. I absolutely can not get enough of bright colors. I firmly believe life is more fun strutting around with a radiant outfit and a smile on your face," Flume said.

Haili Pue is the president of All Ze Details. Visit her web site at allzedetails.com



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