Oceans For Emotions: Good or bad, God is always there

By Elaine Wheat
Aug. 10, 2012 at 3:10 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"Truly God is good."

- Psalms 73

When I hook on to a "bottom hugger," I know that I probably either hooked a flounder or a stingray. If I think it is a flounder, I smile and say "Oh, God," which means praise and thanks. If I see that it is a stingray, I just say "Ohhh, God."

God and I have fished together all of my fishing life. And I know that He has been with me in varied and different situations. We have been together in my boat that ran out of gas trying to get back to the harbor during a storm; when I stuck a No. 2 circle hook, with the squid still on it, through my finger and had to go to the hospital in Port Lavaca to get it removed; catching a shark and having it flip off the hook while my three friends stood on the bow of the boat, hollering for me to throw it back; and other "Ohhh, God" situations.

God has been with me through my best and blessed "Ohhh, God" situations, such as catching my biggest red fish on the first cast; being one of two others who caught 154 sand trout and golden croakers in two days; and he has allowed me to write a God-blessed fishing article for 28 years.

It just seems to me that I must be taking up almost all of God's time, but he seems to get around to everyone who calls on his name.

I have been watching the Olympics for the past week and a half, and I am thrilled and impressed by the athletes from so many countries who point heavenly, go into a "Tebow" stance, make the sign of the cross, or just bow their heads silently before or after they perform.

Even when they are being interviewed afterward, I have seen athletes smiling when they won and smiling through tears when they lost and making statements such as, "God has blessed me by just being here in the 2012 Olympics."

Dear Lord, I was telling a friend about an idea for this article, and he asked me to ask God how he decides who gets the flounder and who gets the gold with all of those good people praying. Oh God, I think I heard you tell me, "Oh, Elaine, stick to fishing. Those kinds of deep questions can wait until we get together in heaven and have all of eternity to talk about them. I'll just give you one little answer, 'There are flounder in heaven.'"



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