Faith Academy replaces old hardwood at gym

Aug. 13, 2012 at 3:13 a.m.

The old Faith Academy gym floor, left, is being replaced by a new one, right.

The old Faith Academy gym floor, left, is being replaced by a new one, right.

Faith Academy volleyball and basketball fans will be floored when they see the new addition to the school's gym this season.

The new hardwood gym floor will make it's debut Tuesday when the Lady Cougar volleyball team opens the regular season at home on Tuesday against Yorktown.

"It's a very exciting time and it's right before the season starts," said Faith Academy athletic director and baseball coach Jason Driver.

The new gym floor is part of a $200,000 school-wide development project that will take two years.

The project also includes a new iPad laboratory, more electronics in the elementary and secondary school classrooms and a new playscape at the the elementary school campus.

The new center court logo with a large capital F and A will replace the circular blue Cougar logo.

The new lanes inside the basketball free throw line will now be painted blue with a white Cougar paw inside the lane.

"The new look will bring the full swing of the campus development that we've been doing for the past two year," Driver said.

Driver added that the next athletics project may be replacing the carpeting on the gym wall. The details are still being discussed.

The Faith Academy student body helped pay for the overall project by participating in a fundraiser that brought in about $140,000, Driver said.

The secondary campus, consisting of seventh to 12th grade students, has an enrollment of 72. Driver said that most of the secondary school population participates in extracurricular activities.



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