Years ago for Sunday, Aug 19, 2012

Aug. 16, 2012 at 3:16 a.m.


Aug. 21 - A novelty in the shape of a hen's egg was found about the Laycock Livery stable a few days ago. The contents of the egg have apparently hardened and settled in one end, and if it is placed on a flat surface, it jumps about like it is full of life on the order of a "Roly Poly" toy. A man gathered this egg along with others, and when he laid them on a table, he was nearly frightened out of his wits when it began to jump about.

Aug. 24 - The Junior, Intermediate and Adult Sunday School Classes of the First Presbyterian Church enjoyed a straw ride last evening. Refreshments were served on the Pump House lawn.


Aug. 22 - Port O'Connor, long recognized as one of the finest fishing grounds on the Texas coast by sportsmen through the state, is fast losing a patronage that is otherwise deserved - because of lack of good roads and shorter routes leading to the resort.

Aug. 23 - Victoria County's current cotton crop passed over the 7,000 bale stage Saturday with 7,300 bales ginned in the county up to Saturday night. The cotton market, however, continued in a slump with prices well under 10 cents. The day's price was 9.61 cents per pound with no immediate indication that a rise would be in effect in the near future.


Aug. 20 - A total of 33,447 Victoria residents, representing nearly 72 percent of the entire population of 46,475, appeared in person at 14 dispensing stations for the first of three Sabin oral polio vaccine immunizations, or received it elsewhere. The "elsewhere" included the City and County Jails, where 25 prisoners were given the vaccine; local hospitals, where 235 patients received it, and the Twin Pines Nursing Foundation home, where more than 100 oldsters were not neglected.

Aug. 25 - Army PFC James F. Mealer Jr., son of Mrs. Katherine Mealer, participated with more than 70,000 Army and Air Force personnel in Exercise Swift Strike II, a two-week U.S. Strike Command Maneuver in North and South Carolina that ended Aug. 17. Mealer is a clerk in Headquarters of the 4th Logistical Command regularly stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. He entered the Army in September 1961 and completed basic training at Fort Carson, Colo. and is a 1961 graduate of Victoria High School.


Aug. 19 - Texans paying high interest rates should cut up their bank credit cards and shop for cheaper ones, Consumers Union urged Tuesday.

Carol Barger, CU's southwest director, said a July survey showed credit card interest rates are out of kilter at many Texas banks, especially ones that have moved their credit card operations out of the state to avoid the 14 percent legal maximum here.

"Results show consumers are still paying too much for credit at a time when the lending rates for other types of loans are still relatively low," Ms. Barger said at a news conference.

Although the Texas ceiling on bank credit card rates is 14 percent, many of the major banks collect 19.8 percent by setting up their MasterCard and Visa operations in other states, primarily Delaware and South Dakota.

Aug. 20 - A target closing date for the Texas Zoo is under consideration by the South Texas Zoological Society.

Society members decided Wednesday if long-term funding of the zoo cannot be guaranteed, they can no longer "scratch by."

The society voted to establish a committee that will create a one-year budget goal for operating the zoo. And if that goal is not reached by this time next year, the society will turn the keys of the zoo over to the city.

The action came out of discussion of the proposed budget for operation of the zoo, beginning Oct. 1. It was partially in response to a proposed $15,000 budget reduction from the city of Victoria. The city is considering giving the zoo $85,000.

The budget under consideration by the zoological society is currently between $32,000 and $50,000 shy of revenues to cover the expected $238,000 of operational costs.

The zoo's budget for the current year is $239,158.

Jackie Mead, zoo director, noted that funds represent hard dollars needed by the zoo. She said donations of materials and in-kind labor and services would almost double the zoo's budget.



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