Years ago for Sunday, Aug 26, 2012

Aug. 23, 2012 at 3:23 a.m.


Aug. 31 - It has generally been accepted that the age of a rattlesnake can be told by the number of rattles it possesses, but Joseph Beck, a well-known farmer of this county, has one in captivity which is an exception to the rule. He caught it about five months ago, and it then had one rattle and a button. Today it has four rattles and will soon have another. Mr. Beck feeds it mice, and has found that it will take food only every two weeks, almost to the minute, it is so regular in its eating habits.


Aug. 28 - School registrations begin in the various schools of the city this week and by Tuesday, Sept. 7, approximately 2,500 boys and girls will be filing into classrooms.

Aug. 29 - On the broad shoulders of the Victoria Rosebuds today rests the responsibility of stopping the onrushing Nordheim Tigers, bound for the second half championship of the Gulf Coast League. The local line-up should read about like this: Brown, catcher; Darrell May, pitcher; Pickett, first base; Loyd, second base; Freddie Moss, third base; Buddy Mutschler, shortstop; Raymond Weaver, left field; G. Mutschler, center field, and Schoener, right field.


Aug. 26 - Leroy Hiller and Judy Smajstrla, both of Guadalupe Community 4-H Club, will receive the coveted Gold Star Award as Victoria County's outstanding boy and girl in 4-H work for 1962, George McArthur and Miss Paula Harbour, assistant extension agents, announced Saturday.

Aug. 27 - Six Victoria County 4-H members received district ribbon awards last week on their junior 4-H records. A blue award went to Bill Obsta on beef. Receiving red awards were Cheryl Spiegelhauer, clothing; Barbara Lau, wildlife; Allen Smajstrla, tractor; James Pozzi, field crops; Alan Saralecos, swine; and Kenneth Weaver, garden. These members represent the Mission Valley, O'Connor and Guadalupe Community 4-H Clubs.

Sept. 1 - Federal funds for repair of hurricane damage to Foster Field were received here Friday just 12 days less than a year after Hurricane Carla devastated Victoria County on Sept. 11, 1961. County Judge Wayne L. Hartman got a federal check for $118,766 and said it was 75 percent of the amount due under an original application for $145,160.05 and a supplemental application for $16,264.23. He said the rest of the money is appropriated and will be received after the audit and inspection by federal officials.


Aug. 26 - Designated Victoria's teacher of the year, Betty Mowdy of Rowland Elementary, received a basket and plaque Tuesday afternoon at an in-service for Victoria public school teachers.

Aug. 28 - Calhoun County officials and commercial fishermen reacted with despair and anger Thursday when they learned the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission closed the open Texas waters to oyster harvest during the season that would have opened Nov. 1. Fishermen who lease oyster reefs or bay bottom areas in Galveston Bay from the Texas General Land Office will be permitted to harvest, however, but only from their projected areas.

The Texas oyster season, which fuels an industry that has brought in as much as $10 million in a year, usually begins in November and continues through April.

Aug. 30 - Du Pont, with an estimated tax bill of more than $6.5 million to be paid to local governmental taxing authorities later this year, is by far the largest taxpayer in Victoria County.

Second is Central Power and Light, projected to pay more than $1 million to local taxing authorities.

Of the county's "top 10" taxpayers, Du Pont and CPL are the two facing more than a million dollars in ad valorem taxes for fiscal 1988.

Based on tax rates expected to be adopted, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. will pay in excess of $575,000; DeTar Hospital will top the $325,000 mark and Victoria Regional Medical Center and New York Life, owner of Victoria Mall, will pay more than $283,000 each after they get their property tax statements.

Victoria Bank and Trust's estimated tax bill will fall in the $275,000 range and the tax levy at One O'Connor Plaza is over $268,000.

Big 3 Industrial Gas likely will pay more than $220,000 in property taxes, and the combined property taxes to be paid by First Victoria National Bank are estimated at $178,000.

Aug. 31 - The Health and Human services Department announced proposed rules Saturday for carrying out President Reagan's order prohibiting use of federal family planning assistance money for abortion counseling and referral.

Reagan last month ordered the department to revise regulations under Title X of the Public Health Act to ensure that federal grants are not spent to encourage abortions.

"These regulations make it perfectly clear that your tax dollars and mine will not be spent subsidizing or promoting abortion through the family planning program," Health and Human Services Secretary Otis R. Bowen said in a statement Saturday. "The proposed regulations should remove the possibility of biasing the woman's decision toward abortion through counseling or referral."



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