Ask Chuck: What grocery product can restore your hair?

By Charles Colson
Aug. 23, 2012 at 3:23 a.m.

I have misplaced your article you wrote last year about the benefits of using Miracle Whip or Hellmann's for a hot oil conditioner. Could you explain it one more time?

Certainly, no problem. I know many ask which is best to use but it actually doesn't matter because Miracle Whip and Hellmann's have many of the same oils that is prevalent in the hair.

So when hair has become quite dry and brittle and hard to manage, the missing oils in your hair can be replenished with this hot oil treatment. Let's say you have picked Hellmann's, since I know you feel you are worth the more expensive choice. Remember it is best not to dilute it with water. For the best results, apply it to your dry hair and yes you should use it abundantly.

Don't worry if you have a slight bit of spray on your hair, the Helmann's will cut right through the chemicals. After saturating the hair with this mixture, place a plastic cap completely over your entire head of hair. Then, with wet hot towels, wrap the entire cap frequently as the towels begin to cool. The hot towels will apply the proper amount of moist heat to allow the mayonnaise to penetrate the hair shaft well. For badly damaged dry hair, leave this treatment processing for at least three hours. For less damaged hair, one or two hours is sufficient.

Now comes the fun part: shampooing out all the mayonnaise. Don't be alarmed if it takes four or five shampoos to release it all. It doesn't matter because the deep penetrating hot oil treatment has taken effect. After shampooing, use a quick conditioner, as usual, rinse well and style hair to your desire.

This type of hot oil treatment does not fade natural color or hair that has been color treated. It simply gives natural sheen and added body to the hair. This method of conditioning usually doesn't need applying more than three to four times a year. Men can also benefit from this deep conditioning. You and your lady might just get more whistles.

Since you are a massage therapist, I bet you could help us all out and advise us on proper therapeutic mattresses for better sleep. Surely this was discussed in massage school, right?

Indeed, indeed, indeed. Our focus was always on relaxing the body from head to toe. Getting a good night's sleep can certainly magnify better performance during a day's work. Every day doesn't have to begin like it is a Monday morning, which we all dread. It is proven if we all can get at least seven to eight hours of solid sleep, our health will improve immensely.

Seriously, choosing the proper mattress that personally contours to our body can equal to not only a perfect night's sleep but will improve our attitudes and patience to conquer what would be a rough day at work. It is wise to get professional advice from an expert in therapeutic mattresses.

What a great way to condition the body. One example in Victoria is Jessica at Bedbutlers, who really knows her business and gives great advice for each individual. For instance, I thought we needed a more firm mattress but it turned out that a much softer quality was a perfect choice for us personally.

Many times it is best to ask the expert rather than make a serious mistake and be left with something totally uncomfortable. I realized that Jessica was an expert in her field like I was in mine. Isn't it interesting how we can learn something new every day?

Don't forget to get a good massage even though you had a good night's sleep. Thank you for understanding.

Which brings the best results, walk in or by appointment massages?

Definitely by appointments. This allows the therapist to give you his or her proper undivided attention. Do you see where this can be much more relaxing, beneficial and worth the cost of service?

Massage sure helps us cope with many facets of life. Miracles happen without even taking an aspirin.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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