Oceans For Emotions: Waiting for winter

By Elaine Wheat
Aug. 24, 2012 at 3:24 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

"Thou preparest a table before me."

- Psalms 23:5

With concerns about red tide, warnings about West Nile virus from mosquitoes, temperatures of real feel of 105 degrees and the meteorology cautioning elderly people to stay inside, for once, I used my own wisdom and didn't go fishing.

Not looking forward to shampooing the rug, cleaning out my closet, washing dishes or clothes or researching long-term care facilities, I decided that this was a perfect day to prepare my fishing gear for the next perfect day at the beach.

I did the most important things first. I untangled all of my rods and reels that I chunk in place when I come home from fishing. I started with my favorite open-faced Ambassadeur 5000 reel. I took it apart, cleaned it and put my old friend back together because I know each part by heart having cleaned this one reel for 61 years.

Then, I stripped all of the line off of it without its usual groans and moans and replaced it with new 20-pound test line. I did that to all of my favorite open-faced spinning reels, my closed-faced spinning reels and to a couple of reels I had forgotten I even had.

Then, I mended my nets, all the while expecting Jesus to come by and say, "follow me," and I would promise him that I try to do this daily.

Why do fishermen have to have so many nets? I have a dip net with a 4-foot handle, a short-handled dip net that floats for wade fishing, a telescoping pier net, a casting net, and don't tell anybody, but I do have crab nets. I used some of the leftover line I had pulled off of the reels to mend the holes left by jagged rocks, oyster shells and the back end of my SUV because I always wait to get the net out until I catch a fish.

Then, I tackled my tackle box. I cut off all of the line I had left on hooks and lures that are left when I bite instead of cut them off. I organized hooks, weights, swivels and corks, in order by sizes.

I spent some time thinking, "Why are there more sticks than corks?" I hid all of the artificial bait down in the bottom under the fillet knife and "taker-offers" because I don't like anyone seeing those plastic baits and think I like lying to fish.

The last thing I did to get this fisherperson ready was sharpen my fillet knife with a promise to grab it soon.

Dear Lord, thank you for preparing a table before me waiting for me in your heaven. Preparing my own table with fried fish down here sure makes me hungry. Could we please have an early winter this year, Lord?



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