DISTRICT 14-2A, D-II: Playoffs not a lock for any team in district

Aug. 30, 2012 at 3:30 a.m.

A question Mike Treybig gets a lot: How will his team fare now that they've dropped to Class 2A?

"It's happened one other time when I was at Industrial," the Palacios coach said. "We moved from 2A to 3A. When we were 2A we went two rounds. Then, we got realigned, went up and all we did was go 9-1 and tie Cuero for the district championship."

Treybig doesn't expect the quality of football to be any less from the district competition the Sharks saw last year. After all, all of the teams in it played at a higher level at one point.

"When you look at the fact that all of the schools in our district was a 3A at one point, all this is a 3A district," Treybig said. "The level of football is just as good as most 3A districts."

No kidding.

District 14-2A, Division I features five strong Class 2A programs, including a state finalist last year (Hempstead, a program dropping from Class 3A (Palacios), and another that is reloading after sending three players to NCAA Division I schools (Edna).

"I have seen a lot of team togetherness," Edna coach Mike Pierce said on the first day of practice. "These guys get along really well. Even though we lost three very good Division I football players, we still have a lot of good players here."

The Cowboys finished 7-4 last year but lost a heartbreaker to Blanco in the playoffs, will start Austin Kelley at quarterback this year, who played under center for three games last season.

Hallettsville will also be a formidable foe entering this season. The Brahmas walked away with a 7-6 record last year, losing in the regional round to Hempstead. Coach Tommy Psencik has seven starters back on both sides of the ball, and with more experience could push the district's top teams.

Rice Consolidated is also returning a majority of its starters on both sides of the ball. Sophomore quarterback Jordan Johnson has a year under his belt and will look to build on a strong showing late last year.



• Coach: Mike Treybig

• Years at current school: 8

• Record at current school: 26-45

• Years as head coach: 25

• Overall record: 131-104-1

• Last year's record: 3-7, 0-4 in district

• Last playoff appearance: 2007, quarterfinals

• Returning starters: QB/DB Anthony Garcia, WR/CB Zach Garcia, RB/LB Seth Garcia, DB Chris Deleon, RB/LB David Aparicio, OL Jordan Sanchez, WR/DB Dy lan Brune.

1Kevin BrownRB/DBSr.
3Andrew NguyenRB/DBSr.
4Jason NguyenQB/DBSr.
5Anthony GarciaQB/DBSr.
7Drake GarciaWR/DBSr.
9Isiah ThomasWR/DBJr.
10Zach GarciaWR/DBJr.
11Alfred AparcioWR/DBJr.
12Chris DeleonQB/LBJr.
21Chris GarciaRB/LBJr.
22Seth GarciaFB/LBSo.
30Nick GarciaTE/DEJr.
32J.R. ShelbyQB/DBJr.
33Michael LatapieTE/LBJr.
40David AparicioFB/LBSr.
50Austin DiazOG/DTJr.
55Anthony HolbrookOG/DEJr.
56Isreal GarciaOT/DEJr.
62Kenny GarciaOG/DEJr.
64Noah SeamanOG/DESr.
65Oziel RiosOT/DESo.
70Jose ArteagaOG/LBSo.
72Daniel HernandezOG/DTJr.
74Jordan SanchezOT/DTJr.
78Garret ShimekOT/DTSr.
80Jose JimenezTE/LBSr.
86Dylan BruneWR/LBSr.

Rice Consolidated


• Coach: Brad Dumont

• Years at current school: 9

• Record at current school: 74-21

• Years as head coach: 12

• Overall record: 90-35

• Last year's record: 5-4,3-3 in district.

• Last playoff appearance: 2010, quarterfinals

• Returning starters: QB Jordan Johnson, RB James Garner, OT Logan Young, OT/NT Chad Davis, WR Cullen Wiese, WR Everitt Grounds, DB Jamarcus Hodge, DB Ronnie Fry, OLB Justin Semola, ILB Demarcus Tillman, ILB Jimmy Foster, DB Jamical Dancy.

1Ronnie FryDB/WRJr.
2Everitt GroundsWR/DBSr.
3Luther ColeRB/LBSo.
4Jordan JohnsonQB/LBSo.
5Jamarcus hodgeWR/DBJr.
6Jaquad McGrewWR/DBSo.
8Jimmy FosterRB/LBSr.
9JaReel StovallRB/DBSr.
10James GarnerRB/LBSr.
11Cullen WieseWR/DBSr.
12Jason SameniegoWR/DBSr.
13Turner MattoonWR/DBSo.
15Demarcus TillmanRB/LBSr.
16Noe BalmaresWR/DBSr.
18Greg RoyRB/LBFr.
19Todd NicholasWR/DBSo.
21Jamikel DancyWR/DBSr.
22Jordan GarnerRB/LBJr.
24Joe CastilloWR/DBSr.
25Justin SemoraWR/DBSr.
33Jordan GarnerRB/LBJr.
40Andres SaucedaKSr.
54Chad DavisOL/DLSr.
58Shaq NorrisOL/DLSr.
58Joland RodriquezOL/DLSr.
62Logan YoungOL/DLSr.
71Trevor JonesOLSr.
72Martin RamerizOLSr.
73Ron McGrewOLJr.
74Bobby AlonsoOLJr.
75Jody RoweOL/DLSr.
77Abraham JaurezOL/DLJr.
80Dylan FergusonRE/LBJr.
86Clayton LittleWR/DBSr.



• Coach: Mike Pierce

• Years at current school: 5

• Record at current school: 26-15

• Years as head coach: 10

• Overall record: 63-40-1

• Last year's record: 8-3, 4-2 in district

• Last playoff appearance: 2011, bi-district

• Returning starters: QB Austin Kelley, RB Tyler Kucera, WR John Hughes, OT Anthony Norman, OG Logan Robinson, C Hugo Cruces, FS DeRodrick Jones, R T.J. Foley, CB Weston Muschalek, CB Rudy Ca dena, LB Kristian Grifaldo, LB David John Kallus, LB Kyle Scott, DT Denzel Banks, DE Darnelius Norman.

1Weston MuschalekWR/DBSr.
2Brandon GarciaWR/DBSr.
3Trayln DavisTE/LBSr.
4DeOntae JonesRB/RSo.
5Justin LeeRB/LBJr.
6DeQuan CantuRB/DBSr.
7DeRodrick JonesQB/FSSr.
8Quinton KubenkaWR/DBSr.
9Kristian GrifaldoRB/LBSr.
10Austin KelleyQB/DBJr.
11Tyler KuceraRb/DESr.
12Rudy CadenaWR/DBSr.
14Chris EdwardsWR/DBSr.
16Kolby TobolaWR/DBSr.
18John HughesWR/DBSr.
19TJ FoleyWR/RSr.
20Londray BrownWR/DBSr.
21Billy GanemWR/DBSo.
22Denzel BanksRB/DTSr.
23Dominique GossonRB/DBSr.
28Chris WhiteRB/LBSr.
33David John KallusRE/LBJr.
34Tavon CantuRB/DBJr.
40Jesse MartinezK/PSr.
44Timiron WilliamsRB/DTJr.
51Chris DeanOL/LBSr.
54Jerod McCarrellOL/DEJr.
55Darnelius NormanOL/DESo.
62Logan RobinsonOL/DTSr.
64Nathan WhitleyC/DTJr.
66Guy DodsonOL/DEJr.
70Anthony NormanOL/DTJr.
72Justin McCarrellOL/DTJr.
75Jose CarreraOL/DTSr.
76Hugo CrucesC/DESr.
77Anthony ChambersOL/DTSr.
79Brian BachusOL/DTSr.
80Kevon BrownWR/DBSr.
82Brent StricklandTE/DESr.
84Clayton MillerTE/DESr.
88Austin SparksWR/DBJr.



• Coach: Shane Lothman

• Years at current school: 2

• Record at current school: 4-6

• Years as head coach: 6

• Overall record: 22-29

• Last year's record: 4-6, 1-5 in district

• Last playoff appearance: 2010, regionals

• Returning starters: RB David Franz, FB/LB Will Knopp, OG Jordan Branum, DE Evan Gregg, DE Mason Davis.

10Jay RubioQB/FSJr.
11Trenton ThedfordWR/DBJr.
12Will KnoppFB/LBSr.
20A.J. RosasWR/DBSr.
22Rhett MusserWR/DBSr.
25Brandon MaraggiaWR/DBSr.
28Jeffery KochWR/DBSo.
30Bernard MendozaTE/DTSr.
42David FranzRB/DBSr.
44Jack PerryRB/LBJr.
50Brady KarlOL/OLBSo.
54Marco ChavarriaOL/DTSr.
59Eli MilnerOL/OLBSo.
60Jordan BranumOL/DTSr.
61Sean BastianOL/ILBSo.
62Jesse ChavarriaOL/DEJr.
65Dustin HempelOL/DTJr.
70Miguel RamirezOL/DESr.
72Kevin HoldgrafOL/DTJr.
74Mason DavisOL/DEJr.
80Bryan FranzTE/DESr.
84Evan GreggTE/DEJr.



• Coach: Tommy Psencik

• Years at current school: 3

• Record at current school: 10-13

• Years as head coach: 4

• Overall record: 15-19

• Last year's record: 7-6, 4-2 in district

• Last playoff appearance: 2011, regionals

• Returning starters: DE Troy Murphy, RB/DE Tedrick Smith, DT Quinton Wright, QB/WR/DB Carson Schindler, WR Reagan McAda, C Will Wallace, K Sam Barrera, OG Ryan Hoffman, WR/DB Dalton Herrington, QB/DB Nate Kowalik, OT Kyle Leopold.

2Carson SchindlerWR/DBSr.
3Jimario GroundsWR/DBSo.
4Weston SeayWR/LBSo.
5Brannen CarawayWR/LBSo.
6Reagan McAdaWR/DBSo.
9Nate KowalikQB/DBSo.
10Trenton McGeeWR/DLSo.
11Drew HaasRB/DBJr.
12Eric KlekarWR/DLSo.
14Seth GrasshoffRB/DBSo.
16Tedrick SmithRB/DLSo.
21Tim SheppardWR/DBJr.
25Justin ReevesRB/LBJr.
33Dalton HerringtonWR/DBJr.
50Cameron NicholsonOL/DLSr.
52Troy MurphyOL/DLSr.
53Eddie LopezOL/DLJr.
54Daylin DixonOL/DLSr.
55Dyllan KerrOL/LBJr.
56Reid LeopoldOL/DLSo.
62Ryan HoffmannOL/DBSr.
64Will WallaceOL/LBSr.
66Alex BludauOL/LBJr.
70Tyler SteffekOL/LBJr.
72Tyler SkeltonOL/LBJr.
73Ja'Kree PorterOL/DLSo.
75Quinton WrightOL/DLSr.
77Sam BarreraOL/DLSr.
78Kyle LeopoldOL/DLJr.
80Tate BludauWR/DLSr.



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