Years ago for Sunday, Sep 02, 2012

Aug. 30, 2012 at 3:30 a.m.


Sept. 2 - A new school building, 24 by 26 feet, has been completed at Spring Creek.

Sept. 5 - Arthur Wheeler and Kai Leffland caught a 30-pound blue catfish out of the Guadalupe River at a point some distance above the city pumping station Saturday night. While Messers. Wheeler and Leffland were discussing their good catch, Joseph Bianchi came along and detracted them from their glory by asserting he had recently caught a catfish out of the river which weighed 110 pounds, and that catches of 80 to 100 pound fish of that variety were common along the Guadalupe.

Sept. 8 - Colonel Roosevelt will speak in Houston before the close of the presidential campaign. Advices were received yesterday by supporters of the progressive party that plans are being considered by the managers for the Roosevelt campaign to extend the colonel's Southern speaking tour into Texas.


Sept. 4 - Victoria's most ideal homesites, located in College Park, will go on sale Tuesday. Pool and Hooper, developers, have announced. All utilities have been connected and modern gravel streets provided. College Park will be a restricted residential section, with a minimum limit to cost of homes erected set at $2,500 in one unit and $3,000 in the remaining portion. Lots are priced from $300 up.

Sept. 6 - The re-opening of a new oil field for Victoria County was seen here today in the completion of Trans-Western's No. 1 McFaddin at 4,413 feet for a daily production of two hundred barrels of twenty-six gravity oil. The well is located on the McFaddin Ranch.

Sept. 8 - There are no new cases of infantile paralysis reported in Victoria County, but we were just wondering if it wouldn't be nice to have an "iron lung" in one of the local hospitals. These "lungs" are just what the word implies - they make you breathe whether you want to or not. A public-spirited citizen in Houston donated one the past week. We have many families here who could well afford to donate one to the city or county (they cost $1,400), and we are sure they would derive great pleasure in doing so.


Sept. 2 - About $1,500 worth of watches and rings were scooped up from a window display at Barnes Jewelry Store, 111 S. Main St., Saturday morning after the thick window glass was broken by a chunk of concrete. The thief was badly cut while reaching through the shattered window as evidenced by puddles of blood traced by police to an alley in the 100 block of West Santa Rosa St. This was where the piece of concrete was found and was apparently where the get-away car was parked, said Detective T.C. Cash.

Sept. 3 - Offering classes in 24 departments including several terminal courses, Victoria College will conduct fall registration Tuesday in the college library. Classes will begin Sept. 10. Miss Leona Jones, registrar, said the expected enrollment is 700 day students and 300 evening students. All classrooms in the administration building have been air-conditioned.

Sept. 5 - Names of six men who are to enter the Army Sept. 19 from Selective Service Board No. 125 were released Tuesday by Louis R. Kolle, board chairman. Filling the quota of four for September are Albert E. York Jr., Freddie Hall and Guadalupe M. Guana of Victoria, and Robert J. Kuicek of Ganado.

Sept. 7 - Victoria public school children returned to classes yesterday, and by the time school officials added up the figures, they found a new attendance record had been set for the Victoria Independent School District. W.C. Rowland, director of pupil personnel and accounting, said first day figures as of 4 p.m. showed a total of 8,969 students had enrolled in the 16 schools in the VISD. Some 102 additional pupils in the special education departments at Crain, Stanly, Juan Linn, O'Connor and Gross brought the total to 9,071. Last year's record total for the first day was 8,365.


Sept. 3 - Record enrollments have higher education in Victoria "bursting at the seams."

Both Victoria College and the University of Houston-Victoria have record enrollments, and late registration continues through Friday.

"Between Victoria College and UHV, you have two very happy presidents," said Glenn A Goerke, UHV president. "We have classrooms that are crowded - packed full."

Goerke said that finding classroom space as several course sections "split" because of demand, was especially difficult this year. "We had lot of good problems like that. I'll take many more of those."

Roland Bing, Victoria College president, said course sections at the college are "filled to the brim and bursting at the seams." Both schools added course sections and reassigned and added faculty during registration.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the college posted 3,345 registrants for the fall semester. That compares to a final figure of 3,251 students last fall.

Sept. 6 - As the sun rose Saturday, the darkened field behind Victoria College was transformed into a panorama of color.

Colorful hot air balloons were inflated and soon filled the early morning skies over Victoria with bright reds, blues, greens, yellows and oranges as the second annual Victoria Balloon Extravaganza literally got off the ground.

This year's race has practically doubled in size since the inaugural race last year from 14 to 24 balloons. Racers are from Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

Bob Woolson, the only Victoria balloonist in the event, attributed the large growth to several factors, including the reception the balloonists have received from the city and the race organizers. "They remember how they were treated last year, and they want to come back. Plus, the word has gotten around at other races about the Victoria race."



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