Calhoun's Hunter Boerm named District 30-4A MVP

Dec. 4, 2012 at 6:04 a.m.
Updated Dec. 5, 2012 at 6:05 a.m.

Hunter Boerm's first season as the starting quarterback for Calhoun was a productive one.

The 6-foot-2 junior rushed for 1,734 yards and 25 touchdowns to lead the Sandcrabs to the District 30-4A championship and into the area playoffs before they finished with a 10-1 record.

Boerm was named the Most Valuable Player on the All-District 30-4A team selected by the district's coaches.

Calhoun went through district undefeated and captured a number of district honors.

Richard Whitaker was named Coach of the Year, junior Corey Williams was named Most Valuable Offensive Back, and senior J.R. Perez was a unanimous selection as the Most Valuable Offensive Linemen.

Victoria East sophomore Jonathan Ortega was a unanimous selection as the Newcomer of the Year, and East junior Deondric Lofton was a unanimous choice as Most Valuable Offensive Receiver.

Calhoun senior center Sean Tynes and senior defensive lineman Albert Gonzalez were unanimous first-team picks.

Calhoun senior guard Jimmy Cumpian, junior offensive tackle Brian Tschatschula, senior linebacker Marcus Klamm, and sophomore cornerback Taylor Lee were first-team selections.

East sophomore receiver Cameron Williams and sophomore punter Trent Whitley were unanimous first-team picks.

Victoria West senior quarterback Garrett Rother, junior running back Qualian Bryant, and junior wide receiver Jacob Armstrong were unanimous first-team selections.

West senior offensive lineman Jake Wallace and junior cornerback Anthony Navarro were named to the first team.

Beeville senior kicker Marcus Ulloa was a unanimous first-team pick. Beeville senior guard Tyler Byrd was chosen for the first team.

All-District 30-4A Team

Most Valuable Player: Hunter Boerm, jr., Calhoun

Coach of the Year: Richard Whitaker, Calhoun

Offensive Player of the Year: Devin Bisby*, jr., Gregory-Portland

Defensive Player of the Year: Trevor Moses, jr., Calallen

Newcomer of the Year: Jonathan Ortega*, so., Victoria East

Most Valuable Offensive Back: Corey Williams, jr., Calhoun

Most Valuable Offensive Receiver: Deondric Lofton*, jr., Victoria East

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman: J.R. Perez, sr., Calhoun

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman: Dylan Duff, sr., Calallen

Most Valuable Linebacker: Austin Revels*, jr., Calhoun

Most Valuable Defensive Back: Mickie Erwin, sr., Gregory-Portland

First Team


Quarterback: Garrett Rother*, sr., Victoria West

Running Back: Qualian Bryant*, jr., West; Tyler Smith, sr., Tuloso-Midway.

Fullback: Ryan Starcher, sr., Gregory-Portland; Cody Wright, sr., Calallen.

Receiver: Cameron Williams, so., East; Jacob Armstrong, jr., West.

Center: Sean Tynes*, sr., Calhoun

Guard: Tyler Bird, sr., Beeville; Jimmy Cumpian, sr., Calhoun.

Tackle: Dillon Vaughn, sr., Calallen; Brandon Michaels, sr., Gregory-Portland; Jake Wallace, sr., West; Brian Tschatschula, jr., Calhoun.

Kicker: Marcus Ulloa*, sr., Beeville.


Line: Creyton McDermott, jr., Calallen; Albert Gonzalez, sr., Calhoun; Diego Tabera, sr., Gregory-Portland.

End: Sheldon Bammert*, jr., Calallen; Albert Barrientos, jr., Gregory-Portland; Jonathan Jefferson, sr., Tuloso-Midway.

Linebacker: Kade Young, jr., Calallen; Aaron Estrada, sr., Gregory-Portland; Marcus Klamm, sr., Calhoun; Edward Tober, sr., Tuloso-Midway.

Cornerback: Bryce Kneip*, sr., Calallen; Taylor Lee, so., Calhoun; Anthony Navarro, jr., West.

Safety: Ezra Soto, sr., Gregory-Portland; Austin Castillo, sr., Calallen.

Punter: Trent Whitley*, so., East.

Second Team


Quarterback: Derek Scheible, jr., Calallen; Brandon Gonzales, sr., Gregory-Portland.

Running Back: Devian Cantu, sr., Calhoun; Robert Maldonado, jr., Calallen; Brandon Smithwick, jr., Calhoun.

Fullback: Matthew Dickson, so., Tuloso-Midway; Tristan Pelitire, jr., Beeville.

Receiver: Tristan Crossland, jr., Calallen; Devante Cooks, sr., Gregory-Portland.

Tight End: Hunter Hardy, sr., Beeville.

Center: Andrew Neuvar, jr., West; Sean Vickers, jr., Calallen.

Guard: Jeremy Rodriguez, sr., Gregory-Portland; Kameron Handy, sr., Tuloso-Midway; Jonathan Vahalik, sr., West; Steven Casteneda, sr., Calhoun.

Tackle: Trevor Austin, sr., East; Steven Rocha, sr., Gregory-Portland; Emiliano Loredo, sr., Tuloso-Midway.

Kicker: Ernesto Perez, jr., West; Juan Escamilla, jr., Calhoun.


Line: Ty Fishbeck, sr., Gregory-Portland; James Mendez, sr., Calhoun; Dakota Cooksy, jr., Calallen.

End: Conrad Ruiz, sr., Beeville; Fernando Ortiz, sr., West; Taquan Miles, sr., Calhoun.

Linebacker: Geoffrey Youngblood, sr., Calhoun; Nathan Hermes, jr., West; Joey Granado, sr., Beeville; Gilbert DeLeon, so., Gregory-Portland; Mario Navarro, jr., Gregory-Portland.

Cornerback: Remmington Strickland, jr., Calallen; Mauro Garcia, jr., Calhoun; Chris Williams, jr., Gregory-Portland.

Safety: Trey Robinson, sr., Calhoun; Jacob Armstrong, jr., West; Dustin Snider, sr., Calhoun; Andrew McCurley, sr., Calallen.

Punter: Andrew McCurley, sr., Calallen.

Honorable Metion

Beeville: Cameron Kremers, Tanner Trevino, Joe Rey Garza, David Garcoa, Graham Taylor, Aric Gamez, Brent Puga, Dexter Dusment.

Calhoun: Colton Kveton, Jimmy Gonzales, Drew Ortiz, Jonathan Chavana, Cameron Boern.

East: Albert Longoria, David Boyd, Cameron Schultz, Dylan Rab, Mark Cavazos, Lanken Williams, T.J. Cleveland, Jace Mitchell, Thomas Kennemer, Oscar Garcia, Bo Pullin, Trent Whitley.

West: Malcolm Peoples, Brandon Ellis, Anthony Navarro, Trenton Marler, Gamarquis Girdy, Kenny Sanchez, David Ledbetter, Chaz Johnson, Connor Chumchal.



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