Please treat other people's pets with respect

Dec. 5, 2012 at 6:05 a.m.

The purpose of this letter is to help the public understand the feelings of those who have experienced the loss of their beloved pets through unnatural or illegal means. This is written from the viewpoint of the pet:

Editor, the Advocate:

I was part of a trio. We were cast away by someone who didn't care, and we were too young to take care of ourselves. A kind elderly lady took us all in, nurtured us, loved us. We grew strong and healthy.

My sister Nelly was the beautiful one. Pancho and I were handsome males. For our well being, at six months of age we were spayed and neutered, as all pets should be.

Oh, we were so loved! Pampered pets is what we were. Not only were we loved, but we loved in return. We had no need to fear anything or anyone ... or so we thought.

Our Mommy, the kind elderly lady who took us in, made many sacrifices to keep us thriving; in fact, because of us, she kept up her strength.

My Auntie, Mommy's friend, is writing this letter on my behalf because she, too, loved us. She felt that she owed this to me because you see, I'm no longer part of the trio. Not everyone valued my existence.

One day after an innocent stroll, I never returned home, which was so unlike me. You see, because of the love that I was shown, I was trusting enough to be overpowered or snared, and so were some of my buddies, who were also loved by their families. I know what happened to me, and so do my merciless captors.

My Mommy and those who loved me are broken-hearted and miss me so! They will never see their precious Mikey again. Oh, there will be others that will take my space, but they will never take my place in the hearts of those who loved me.

It's been a few weeks now, and my brother, Pancho, has since joined me. How sad! My Mommy and friends are really heartbroken. If compassion is not expressed toward beloved pets, please have compassion for fellow humans who love them, grieve for them and miss them.

Goodbye, Mommy.

Esmeralda Hein, on behalf of Mikey, Pancho, Midnight and Bert, Bay City



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