Years ago for Sunday, Dec 09, 2012

Dec. 6, 2012 at 6:06 a.m.


Dec. 9 - Work was begun yesterday on the five-story building to be erected at the corner of Main and Constitution Streets for John J. Welder, Sr. The Gordon-Jones Construction Company of San Antonio, which has the contract for the erection, has let the contract to Richard P. Fields of this city for the excavation work, which embraces the basement. The Welder building will be the largest, tallest and handsomest building in Victoria.

Dec. 15 - "Madame Sherry," one of the greatest hits of several seasons, was presented at Hauschild's Opera House last night. The audience was the largest that ever attended a play in Victoria except that which greeted "The Clansman" a few seasons ago. Quite a number of Port Lavaca, Cuero, Edna and Goliad people were in attendance. The play was most creditably acted, and was highly satisfying to all. Seldom, if ever, has a more dainty or artistic performance been witnessed here. The acting of the entire troupe was faultless, and its membership consisted of so many bright and shining stars that it was quite difficult to distinguish the most brilliant one. The Victoria Orchestra, ably directed by Mrs. T.H. Lee, rendered very pleasing selections between acts.


Dec. 10 - The "ground work" for a new football stadium for Victoria was laid last night at a meeting of the Victoria Athletic Council when members voted the sum of $1,000 to be used immediately to sod a new gridiron on school property east of the city. Present for the called meeting were George H. Taggart, chairman; Chester Evans, secretary, and Gerald Dubose, businessmen of the council; Supt. Porter S. Garner, and Athletic Director E.L. Wildman, school members of the group, and Fred Schneider and C.O. Durham, school board members of the association.

Dec. 12 - The following 16 players of Coach B.W. Spearman's Victoria High School Stingarees will be awarded varsity letters: Captain Robert Earl Loyd, Eugene Darter, Frank Crain, Allen Sloan, Maxin Tasin, Lawrence Nichols, Charles Flynn, H.F. Ball, Laverne Nichols, James Goldston, Leroy Bell, Lynn Loyd, John Kruppa, C.E. Gathright, George Oliver and Earl Hobbs.


Dec. 13 - A Christmas music program by the school band and choir and a Nativity drama by the speech department was presented this week for the Crain Junior High School PTA. The band was under the direction of Joe Wassel, while the choir was directed by Mrs. Annie Quinn. Selections included the solo "Sweet Little Jesus Boy," by Gail Gerrard, "Thirty-two Feet," by Harriette Donalson, Jane Henderson, Charann Woehl, Susan Hartman and Barbara Lindsay, and "Mr. Santa," by Gail Gerrard, Annette Stokes, Joan Keathley, Patsy Granger, Judy Brooks and Bettie Yancy. "The Christmas Story" play was presented by Mrs. Martha Hunt's speech department and narrated by Martha Albrecht. The cast included Theresa Landanno as Mary, Lewis Thompson as Joseph, Ben Molina, Herbert Watts and Richard Mock as the three kings, Bruce Welton, Jerry Cockerham and John Hobby as shepherds, Steven Yarbrough as the messenger angel and Janet Dusek, Janice Houston, Debbie Johnson, Pam Woods, Terri Thompson, Barbara Pounds, Jerry Hotz, Diane Goldsum, Linda Clint, Janice Stanford, Barbara Blanton, Connie Gauthier and Kay Floyd as angels.

Dec. 14 - Two newly appointed members of Victoria Planning Commission promptly joined ranks with other members in pressing for a quick, decisive determination on whether the city is going to enforce the full provisions of its subdivision ordinance to the full five-mile limit. Both John Folger and Col. A.A. Akins brought up the matter of requiring paving of streets in subdivisions outside the city limits, but within the five-mile limit where the city has jurisdiction. The issue arose during study of plans submitted by W.D. Wasicek and Ronald Hill Sr., both of whom have plans for subdivisions in the vicinity of Foster Field. Full enforcement of the subdivision ordinance would require installation of water and sewer facilities as well as paved streets. Commissioner Henry Sassman drew general agreement when he said the latter facilities should be required as vital health guards.


Dec. 11 - A significant drop recently in the number of people requiring mental health in-patient care looks like the beginnings of another success story for Gulf Bend Center Mental Health-Mental Retardation, according to Don Polzin, assistant executive director.

In a regular monthly client data report, submitted to Gulf Bend's board of directors Thursday, Polzin said the average number of persons receiving in-patient care has dropped from an average of 60 per month to 37 in November. The number of hospitalization days has been cut from an average of 10 and 12 to an average of 6 and 7 days.

Polzin credited Dr. Ted Greiner, medical director, and his staff with the accomplishment, noting more thorough screening to determine which patients require hospitalization has paid off. He added the quality of out-patient care has kept many from having to be hospitalized.



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