Grandson's poem honors 'heroic grandpa'

Dec. 9, 2012 at 6:09 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

My grandson Dillon is 13. He wrote the following poem as a school assignment and was asked to read it at a school assembly. The "Heroic Grandpa" is my husband, who fought in the Korean War and now battles Alzheimer's. It is not just a tribute to my husband but to all veterans who served and now struggle with health issues. It is also a great example of our children learning about the sacrifices others have made for this country.

'Heroic Grandpa'

by Dillon Montgomery

You stayed in the battle - never gave up.

Korea - a jungle of fighting

Yet you, the first to engage, the last to flee

A hero,

A Marine,

A protector of many,

A savior of some,

An expert rifle and handgun marksman,

Yet a bearer of many scars of these labors.

A symbol of American patriotism and pride.

Now, you fight a different kind of battle.

One to keep those heroic memories.

Still, you engage, you don't back down.

You stand up for yourself,

Still a symbol of pride.

Still, a heroic man.

Mary E McCormick, Victoria



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