Years ago for Sunday, Dec 16, 2012

Dec. 13, 2012 at 6:13 a.m.


Dec. 17 - The Chas. B. Hanford Company, the nation's leading Shakespearean troupe, will appear here tonight at Hauschild's Opera House in "Othello." The advance sale of seats for the performance has been heavy, and the company will doubtless be greeted by a capacity house. Chas. B. Hanford is a great favorite with Victoria theatre-goers, and never fails to get a large audience in this city.

Dec. 19 - E.J. Savoie, late of St. Louis, has purchased John J. Kubecka's stock of dry goods, and will continue to conduct the store in its present quarters on North Main Street until he can find a better building Mr. Savoie has a wife and six children, who will join him here later. Mr. Kubecka has not decided upon his future business plans.


Dec. 21 - The early completion of the link in the Intercoastal Canal from Galveston to Corpus Christi will be one of the chief topics to be informally discussed here tomorrow at noon when a group of canal boosters from Houston and San Antonio meet with the Intra-coastal Canal Committee of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce at luncheon.


Dec. 16 - Fourteen reservists from the local Naval Reserve Electronics Division left Saturday for active duty on Christmas training cruises. Several will report to the Recruit Training Center in San Diego, Calif., while the others will go aboard ship at New Orleans, La. They are Lt. Comdr. L.B. Bass, commanding officer, Bloomington; G.D. Allen, C.G. Flores, W.J. Moreau, S. Ramirez, D.R. Toeliner, W.S. Vincent and E.H. Witt, Victoria; T.C. Gerdes, L.C. Gilpin, B.W. Muegge and Y.G. Nelson, Edna; and R.G. Birchfield and G.W. Metting, Port Lavaca.

Dec. 22 - The sponsoring Airline Garden Club has awarded the $10 first place prize to Mrs. Wesley Zeplin, whose home at 2103 E. Walnut was judged best-decorated of all 130 homes in the area known each Christmas as "Candy Cane Land" since giant candy canes are displayed outside the residences. Honorable mention in this year's contest was won by the home of Jack Morgan, 2206 E. Walnut; Riggs Sheppard, 2407 E. Locust; Dr. Gilbert Pyle, 2806 E. Poplar; David Huebner, 2517 Juglin, and Gerald Wilson, 2203 E. Walnut.


Dec. 18 - Nancy Reagan said Thursday she agrees with Gary Hart that a politician has a right to a private life, and that the intense scrutiny of candidates will "make it awfully hard for good people to go into politics."

In a wide-ranging and sometimes tearful interview in the first family's private quarters, Mrs. Reagan looked back at the troubles of 1987 and said, "It's not been a great year. It's been the lowest I think you can get."

Mrs. Reagan also expressed sorrow over the felony conviction of long-time friend Michael K. Deaver, and said she and President Reagan had been advised by counsel to suspend their personal relationship with Deaver as long as appeals were pending.

The first lady had a cancerous left breast removed in October and suffered the loss of her mother Edith Luckett Davis nine days later.

"I wish I'd had a little more time to recuperate before Mother," Mrs. Reagan said, her voice cracking as she wiped a tear from her cheek.

The first lady said she had thought of the title of the book "First You Cry" by Betty Rollins, who wrote of her own experience with breast cancer.

"I never had a chance to do that," Mrs. Reagan added.

Mrs. Reagan quickly regained her composure and spoke freely of the problems that have beset her and the president during the past year, ranging from the estrangement of their daughter Patti Davis to the Iran-Contra affair.

Asked how she has dealt with it all, she said, "Well, you just do ... You play the hand that's dealt you."

Dec. 19 - Britain's Prince Charles lost nearly $13 million in the British stock market crash that began October 19, coinciding with the U.S. crash, a British newspaper reported Friday.

In the daily tabloid, Today, market analysts estimated that stocks held by the Prince of Wales had soared in value to $40 million this year before shares on the London market plunged by some 30 percent.

Prince Charles' overall personal worth was estimated at $220 million, largely from landholdings in the duchy of Cornwall, which since 1337 has traditionally been the possession of the ruling monarch's oldest son.



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