Hospital administrator needs to step down

Dec. 15, 2012 at 6:15 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

When will people in authority stop playing political games and do the right thing? I am referring to the ongoing lawsuit between a local cardiology group and Citizens Medical Center, and the proposed $8 million settlement offered by Citizens and Mr. David Brown.

Why do our elected officials, the county commissioner, and the hospital board continue to defend this man? I would assume that at least some of the money being used for this legal defense is taxpayers' money. As a taxpayer in Victoria County for nearly 60 years, I expect my tax dollars to be used wisely and with discretion for the good of all. Instead, those in authority seem to be squandering money to defend a hospital administrator who is unwilling to admit that he made a mistake. At the very least, these elected officials need to be clearly identified and voted out of office at the next election.

I do not personally know Mr. David Brown, but I am acquainted with the "Indian" cardiologists, as he calls them. Many local senior citizens utilize these fine physicians, and many of us are outraged that Mr. Brown would have them banished from Citizens Medical Center, a hospital which we the people help pay for. This is the same David Brown who made the national news by refusing to hire qualified nurses because he considered them to be overweight! My goodness! Can we really afford to have this man run our county-owned hospital?

I sincerely hope Drs. Gaala, Chandna and Parikh will refuse to accept a settlement in this matter. All of this expensive bickering is not about a payoff. It is about a man who is unwilling to admit he was wrong ... whatever the cost.

If the county commissioners are unable or unwilling to end this nonsense, or to stand up for their constituents, then shame on them.

LaNelle Laas, Victoria



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