City to study future of pool, idea of water park

Melissa Crowe By Melissa Crowe

Dec. 16, 2012 at 6:16 a.m.
Updated Dec. 17, 2012 at 6:17 a.m.

Victoria City Council is planning to make a splash during the Tuesday evening meeting.

The council is expected to vote to spend $50,000 for a twofold study of the municipal pool and available options for water fun.

"The first part will look at the current structure and what has to be done to get that pool up and replace the infrastructure," said City Manager Charmelle Garrett. "The second part looks at what's our best facility going forward ... what's best for our community."

Garrett said they would wait to see what the study reveals before making any plans.

Councilwoman Josephine Soliz said she wants to do "whatever we have to" to keep the pool open.

Soliz said she would like to see some splash pads replace the out-of-order kiddie pool.

Cracks along the expansion joints cause the pool to leak water.

Soliz said moving forward with the project could easily exceed $200,000 and would be "a major expansion" for the parks and recreation department.

She said she will be absent from the meeting.

Councilman Joe Truman asked for the potential for a water park to be included in the study.

The evaluation will assess the municipal pool facilities, including the structural integrity of the pool, the bath house, the baby pool, pump room and sand filter area, according to information from the city.

All facilities will be evaluated for compliance with current safety, accessibility and health regulations.

In the end, the consultant will give an estimated cost to repair or upgrade the pool facilities, as well as present the city's other options.

Truman is already coming up with options if the pool cannot be salvaged. A skateboard park extension could take the space and a partnership with a water park like Schlitterbahn might be an option.

"Several members of council believe that having a swimming facility for the public is of great importance," Truman said.

However, if it is cost prohibitive, "maybe we need to look at other options," Truman said.

"We want to make Victoria a tourist destination. We just have to have activities for tourists," he said.

Truman's goal is to get a conversation going and see what the citizenry supports.

"Let's make Victoria a fun place to be," Truman said.



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