President Obama should not send tanks to Egypt

Dec. 18, 2012 at 6:18 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The American president is an idiot.

Egypt has no neighbors who threaten them. No nation intends to invade Egypt. Nonetheless, the U.S., under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, is sending 20 advanced F-16 strike fighters and 200 M1A1 tanks to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood forces that are in charge.

Obama is using our financial crisis as an excuse to weaken the U.S. military but can somehow find funds to strengthen the Egyptian air force and army. I'm sure Israel appreciates this. We have ONE friend in the Middle East, and our government sends tanks and fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood that wants to see Israel destroyed. The decision to send military hardware to Egypt is beyond madness; it borders on criminal.

These arms weren't purchased by Egypt; they are gifts from Obama courtesy of the American taxpayer. Even though America is broke, there is no burden too great for the taxpayer to bear if it furthers Obama's goal of weakening our nation.

The threat to Israel, and therefore peace in the region, is greater than ever before, and the fool in the White House is complicit in increasing that threat by sending more arms to Egypt.

The world is a dangerous place, and Obama is making it ever more so.

This is what happens when enough voters care only about getting more goodies for themselves from the Obama "stash" and elect a man who is determined to weaken the United States to the level of a third world country. How can anyone justify Obama's action in this case?

Carl Bankston, Victoria



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