Years ago for Sunday, Dec 23, 2012

Dec. 20, 2012 at 6:20 a.m.


Dec. 24 - The first closed auto delivery wagon to make its appearance on the streets of Victoria was placed in the service of the well known dry goods firm of A. and S. Levy this morning. It is a Ford, and one of the handsomest and costliest of the kind built. The car adds much to the city-like appearance of Victoria and the firm purchasing it deserves many compliments for its enterprise.


Dec. 26 - Election of officers of Engine Company No. 4 of the Victoria Fire Department resulted as follows: Frank Sala, president; Preston Salziger, vice-president; L.G. Kickendahl, captain; George Zafereo, first lieutenant; Allen Vogt, second lieutenant; Marvin Salziger, secretary; F.C. Urban, treasurer; Preston Edward Salziger, mascot, and Frank Sala, Marvin Salziger and L.G. Kickendahl, delegates.

Dec. 29 - Eight members of Coach Dick Harn's Victoria High School cage squad of twelve have been selected, he announced today. The remaining four will be selected from the balance of those reporting for workouts each afternoon. Those already selected are Leslie McDonald, Lynn Loyd, Robert Earl (Shorty) Loyd, Eugene Darter, H.F. Ball, Alfred Fernandez, Lawrence Nichols and Leroy Bell.


Dec. 27 - Already distinguished in the field of salesmanship, five representatives of Victoria's Junior Achievement Program were to depart at 6 a.m. this morning for Dallas to participate in the Southwest Junior Achievement Management Conference at the Statler-Hilton Hotel for three days. Victoria JA Director Bill Arbuthnot will escort the local delegation on the automobile trip to consist of Lynda Klotz, Kathy Allen, Barbara Schell and George Chamberlain, all of Victoria High School, and Glenda Williams of Nazareth Academy.


Dec. 23 - To provide education for a student in the Victoria school system during 1986-87 cost $3,633, up 5 percent from the prior year, an outside audit of the district shows.

The cost per pupil, divided into factors of faculty and staff salaries, classroom supplies and other expenses of operating a public school system, rose 5.11 percent from $3,457 in 1985-86.

Faculty and staff salaries in Victoria Independent School District reflected the cost factor with the smallest growth in 1986-87, an audit made public Tuesday by outside auditor Jim Hamilton shows.

Salaries per pupil rose 4.23 percent, from $2,353 in fiscal year 1986 to $2,453 in fiscal year 1987, which ended Aug. 31.

All of the costs were computed by the attendance count the state uses to allocate dollars, the average daily attendance. Audit figures for fiscal year 87 used an average daily attendance of 12,781, compared to an ADA of 12,659 for the prior year.

One factor, capital outlay such as furniture and equipment, shrank 12.5 percent from $478 per pupil in fiscal year 86 to $418 per pupil in fiscal year 87.

The factor with the most rapid growth was "other expenses," which rose 116.35 percent, from $82 in fiscal year 86 to $176 in fiscal year 87.

Dec. 28 - The Six Flags Parade Group of Victoria will ride Shetland ponies in the 2.5 mile New Year's Day Cotton Bowl Parade in Dallas. They are slated to ride directly behind the Cotton Bowl Queen. Riders and the flags they carry include T.J. Culberson, 8, American: Brandon Cook, 11, France; mascot Jack Culberson, 6,"Come and Take It" flag of Gonzales; Jennifer Rohde, 10, Spain; Danielle Cook, 10, Mexico; mascot Darcy Beyer, 5, "Bloody-Arm Flag" of Goliad; Misty Goehlke, 12, Confederate; and Stephen Jones, 8, Texas. Alternates are Cullen Jones, 7, and Lana White, 8.



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