Anti-gun lobbying is ridiculous, devoid of reason

Dec. 23, 2012 at 6:23 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

The recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., has been exploited to once again open an old wound. The sinister ideologues that advocate gun control in America are back on the talk show circuit spouting their ignorance and reciting their cherry-picked statistics that they believe somehow validate their insane position on the role that firearms play in contemporary society. They claim to want to "start a conversation" on "sensible" gun-control measures. I agree. However, this time, the discussion needs to be both ways. We tried it their way. Every single instance they point to as the need for totalitarian laws occurred in a "gun-free zone." Why can't they admit their error? It is time to embrace more freedom and less restriction.

So they only want the government to have weapons they deem unsavory? What an asinine position. Do they really think the government should be in complete control of anything? If they really believe that, why aren't they outraged that OSHA has not shut down every school in America for failure to ensure a safe work environment? Isn't that OSHA's job? Anyone with that much faith in government needs serious mental health attention.

The reaction of anti-gunners is astoundingly ridiculous. On a fundamental level, the blaming of the gun for the actions of an individual is entirely devoid of reason. To transpose that methodology, one pushing gun control should advocate the abolition of the Catholic Church because of molestations by priests. All those in favor, please raise your hands - as previously stated, ridiculous.

This "conversation" has nothing to do with protecting lives. It also has nothing to do with guns. Sadly, it has to do with tyranny. It is exponentially more difficult to control a population that can meet you as an equal. Governments don't like their subjects on equal footing. The citizens of the United States need to recognize this and come to terms with the true representation of freedom. If not, our history has already been written. We will have become the subjugated peoples of Communist Russia, China, Cuba, etc. Is that really what we want?

Matt Ocker, Victoria



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