Getting real about your New Year's resolution, partying

By by carolina astrain/
Dec. 26, 2012 at 6:26 a.m.

It's a new year and it's time for a new you.

Time to quit smoking, lose 20 pounds and start showing up to work on time.

Time to start recycling, plan your dream vacation and update your website.

Time to finally take defensive driving, pay off your credit card debt and run your first 5K.

Or not.

At least half of resolutions fail three months into the year, according to a 2008 study by Canadian biological sciences professor, Richard Koesnte.

Weakness in clarity, accountability and regulation are typically to blame.

Set a realistic goal, like losing 10 pounds by only eating salads when you eat out with no real time frame in mind or start cleaning your car out at least once a week.

Set an alarm for yourself on your phone so you don't forget. But let's move on to a much more attainable goal: Having fun on New Year's Eve.

This year, Skate World is having a Late Skate hosted by Gary Moses and skate park owner Raymond Garza.

Dust off your old skates from high school and grab some friends for some sweaty, strobe light fun to welcome the New Year.

Ramp it up with some glitzy outfit and party hats.

If skating is not your cup of tea, check out a local bar with some live music on tap.

The Mudcatz, The Moods and Whiskey River Band, Kevin Fowler and Rhythm of the Road are going to be in full swing at Crossroads area cantinas.

Get out of your comfort zone and visit a bar you've never been to.

While country seems to be the dominate genre on the Crossroads live music set list, if you're looking for something outside the realm of big cowboy hats and boots the Mudcatz are probably your best bet.

These dudes are pretty causal on stage, but don't let their Hawaiian tourist button ups and baseball caps fool you - they've got a lot of soul hidden behind those unassuming threads.

They'll be over at Steve-A-Reno's, where you can play some pool and sneak away to the back patio for a philosophical conversation with the musicians between sets.

Whatever you do this New Year's Eve, make it sure it counts.

And please don't stay at home watching your favorite jewelry channel's holiday party and taking toast with the televised hand models.

Only I'm silly enough do that.



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