I wonder if my daddy wanted me to go or stay

Dec. 26, 2012 at 6:26 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

"A Child Speaks - Again"

My birthday; I turned three today.

I wonder if my daddy wanted me to go or stay.

I know he wasn't the one that had to carry me.

I guess my smiling face he didn't want to see.

I know it takes two to make a child,

and to raise me will take more than a little while;

but he should have thought of that before he lost control.

But remember, it takes two I have been told.

Daddy, I wish you would have really wanted me,

and not just the little time when you felt wild and free.

The daddy and mommy union is special in God's eyes.

So why didn't you want me? I'm just asking why.

Your actions speak whether you are young or old.

You should be responsible I have been told.

A child shouldn't be born from a type of entertainment.

God's special union should be sacred and after a commitment;

so please Daddy and all you other guys,

think before you act so us kids don't have so many if's and why's.

Again I say, please think before you act,

because a child could be created, and that's a fact.

I'm just a little kid; I'm only three.

But it sure does hurt, because you didn't want me.

Cathryn Rutledge, Edna



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