Grandson's work teaches important lesson

Dec. 27, 2012 at 6:27 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I have a grandson. His name is Braden Kade.

I want to share with everyone something he has made.

I see this as an expression of what he has endured,

And what God meant when he said that if we would just trust in him he would work all things for our good.

He built me a bird feeder with one feeder high and the other one low.

Just like in life we wouldn't recognize the highs if we didn't experience the lows.

He told me that the high one was for birds that could fly on their own,

And the lower one for the ones who had broken wings or too weak to get to it on their own.

He knows what is to be broken and at the weakest point.

But God sent such good examples of men and women in his life that knew how to unite and reach down in that dark hole,

And pull him out into the light, so that once again he could be made whole.

The blessing is he learned that we are all extensions of God's hands. There are too many to even mention all of their names, but all of us who live in the light know how to fight the good fight. I am so proud of Braden because he never gave up but was blessed beyond words for all the good people that I have met. Braden and they have encouraged me that if we stay united and in the light, God's will be done.

Tonja Mitscherling, Victoria



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