Ask Chuck: Can I really start feeling better in 2013?

By Charles Colson
Dec. 27, 2012 at 6:27 a.m.

I read an article about how massages can help you sleep better. Is there anything to this?

Very much so. For example, an article in the Holistic Nursing magazine fully supported this theory of good sleep measures by applying slow stroke massage techniques on patients suffering from dementia, which is found in Alzheimer's conditions. They found it was quite beneficial in getting a better night's sleep, which resulted in calmness to the point of even thinking better. Not only did they feel like they were improving, the patients began looking better.

Since this now affects approximately five million Americans, massage therapy is proving to be so helpful that results are phenomenal even without pharmaceutical interventions. As a massage therapist for more than 15 years, I have seen many miracles happen where no drugs had to be taken during a massage session. People are learning more every day that massage is simply a gift to your body. How meaningful would this be for a better life?

I recently heard it well put that yesterday is the past and is gone, tomorrow is the future, which we don't have any knowledge of yet, but today is a gift because that is why they call it the present. So, it seems to me that the present time is the perfect time to start taking care of ourselves.

Many have professed that massage therapy is heart healthy. Do the doctors know this to be true and even if I don't have heart problems, should it concern me?

Keep that positive thought and your health will improve. And yes, doctors all over America are supporting massage therapy to the point of prescribing it for a regular treatment for better health. It has often proven that regular massage treatments, no matter what age, is causing people to not only look and feel better but will extend their life. Mainly because they took time out for themselves.

As far as heart healthy, massages help blood circulate to flow correctly through all organs of the body. When this proper flow happens, the cells become more nourished and good oxygenated blood is pumped directly to the heart, which in turn builds stronger muscles that gives us the best protection called preventive maintenance. So let's make a deal with ourselves for 2013. Let's listen to our body when it screams help.

My best friend, who gets regular massages, tells me it is good to exercise along with massage therapy treatments. Do I need to do that, too?

Your friend is very wise. A good exercise routine is quite valuable. It can be as simple as walking a mile or two every other day. Take it easy at first and walk into a faster pace. I know several will disagree with me but try to stay away from jogging because that definitely is not heart healthy. Quick jolts to any system in our bodies is not beneficial. You can ask most any doctor and they will always support proper walking techniques.

I personally know of a couple who, when they retired at 65, began jogging around the block each day, thinking it would improve their health. Would you believe within 30 days, they were in the doctor's office with serious heart problems. They did recover but it took several months for each one to feel normal. So, let's listen to our bodies and if it says it needs to even lay down, you might need to take a nap.

In summary to these questions, guess who is going to do this for you? Only yourself. Have a happy New Year and think of living longer because you are worth it.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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