Rec Room: Ethel Lee Tracy Park Amphitheater completed

By Doug Cochran
Dec. 30, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the completion of yet another jewel of the city of Victoria's parks system, the Ethel Lee Tracy Amphitheater in Ethel Lee Tracy Park.

It is a beautiful, new, open-air amphitheater nestled in a beautiful park. It is sure to become the perfect venue for arts and entertainment in a natural setting in Victoria.

Like many of the things we value most, this amphitheater was the product of years of planning and preparation.

It all started with Ethel Lee Tracy's vision to bring people, music, theater and the arts together in the parks. In 1994, Tracy contacted the city's Parks and Recreation Department and offered it any 30 acres it would like to develop a park that would encompass her vision.

In 1998, a grant was secured to develop the Ethel Lee Tracy Park. The Cloyde and Ethel Lee Tracy Foundation, M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation, city of Victoria and other entities worked together to secure the funding for the construction of the park, which was completed in 2000.

The amphitheater, as it stands today, was not completed at the initial stage of the project. Under the council's direction, with staff recommendation, the decision was made to first complete an increased "seating area" and concrete pad at the site.

The amphitheater structure would be completed at a later date.

That later date has come. The Ethel Lee Tracy Amphitheater now stands ready to be filled with music and entertainment. It was constructed in honor of Tracy's vision. This final development makes that vision a reality.

Some finishing touches are being done to the venue. The seating area consists of a graded hill landscape that allows visitors to view the performances in a casual, outdoor atmosphere.

We are working to improve the quality of the grass in the seating area.

And, we are developing a rental format for people to reserve and use the venue. The Victoria City Council approved a fee of $100 per day to use the Ethel Lee Tracy Entertainment Area, which includes the amphitheater and the adjacent pavilion.

Reservations will be available by calling Victoria Parks and Recreation at 361-485-3200.

A grand opening celebration is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of March 3. We encourage you to check our events calendar at the City of Victoria website for city sponsored "Evenings at the Amphitheater" coming soon to the amphitheater near you.

Doug Cochran is the director of Parks and Recreation for the Victoria Parks and Recreation Department. Contact him at 361-485-3200 or



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