Time to pull together and get things done

Dec. 31, 2012 at 6:31 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

With this last election cycle thankfully behind us, it is time to move forward despite the lingering effects of the bitterness and division that fueled the campaigns. As a country, we are much better than those on the extreme edge of the liberal or conservative movements. The lifeblood and future of this country is that group in the middle, where burdens are shared and agreements forged.

To Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, I invite you to quietly exit stage left. To Rush Limbaugh and Pat Buchanon, thank you for doing the same thing via the exit stage right. We'll invite you all back when your viewpoints are more relevant, but, for now, you do not speak for most of us.

Can the rest of us forge a path that returns this country to its greatness? Can we be more fiscally responsible with smarter spending policies and fairer taxation laws? Can we again pray in school, stop abortion, maintain the sanctity of marriage and protect other religious liberties? Can we implement prudent immigration policies that honor human dignity? Can we create safety nets for those who really need them?

I remain Christian, Catholic and optimistic.

Eddie Huse, Victoria



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