Students watch Super Bowl for commercials rather than game

Jennifer Lee Preyss By Jennifer Lee Preyss

Feb. 5, 2012 at 11:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 4, 2012 at 8:05 p.m.

From left, Dente Rodriguez, 18; Shanequa Lopez, 20, and Danielle Mapps, 19, watch a commercial during the Super Bowl at UHV's Jaguar Hall on Sunday.

From left, Dente Rodriguez, 18; Shanequa Lopez, 20, and Danielle Mapps, 19, watch a commercial during the Super Bowl at UHV's Jaguar Hall on Sunday.

Gilbert Servin gazed at a flat-screen television in Jaguar Hall on Sunday night.

He laughed as Flavor Flav uttered his famous catch phrase, "Yea, boy!" in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi.

The native Alaskan admits he's not a football enthusiast, but when it comes to Super Bowl commercials, he's a dedicated follower.

"You can be loud during the game, but once the commercials come on, you have to be quiet," Jaguar Hall resident Servin, 18, said, laughing.

Super Bowl XLVI streamed throughout several common areas in Jaguar Hall on Sunday night, and Servin joined about 25 students in the cafeteria to watch the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in Indianapolis, Ind.

As the Giants and Pats played, students munched on complimentary Super Bowl fare and cheered their chosen teams to victory.

But when the famed Super Bowl commercials aired - an advertisement for Bud Light Platinum beer and a Twilight-themed Audi commercial - a hush came over the crowd.

"Shhhhhh! I want to see this," a student screamed across the room.

Servin, a first-year political science major, said he didn't grow up with a passion for football, or Super Bowl parties. But, as an adult, the freshman has come to enjoy the Super Bowl's comedic commercial breaks during the most-viewed program in the United States.

"I don't really watch football. Tonight I asked some of my friends what team they were voting for in the Super Bowl. They were like, 'Do you mean rooting for?'" he said, laughing. "I like the commercials, though. They're cool."

Another Jaguar Hall resident watching the game from the cafeteria, Jasmine Archangel, 19, said she, too, enjoys the comedy of the game's commercials. But she said watches the Super Bowl for all of its entertainment elements: the half-time show, humorous commercials and the game itself.

"I like the Doritos commercials because they're funny," Archangel said, referring to a 2010 commercial featuring a man willing to be buried alive in a casket filled with Doritos and a miniature television streaming football games.

This year, Archangel rated a Coca-Cola commercial featuring the soda company's iconic polar bears.

Responding to the ad, Archangel said, "I didn't like that. It made me sad."

She said her favorites for the night were the Pepsi commercials and Doritos ad featuring a clever dog.

Archangel said she believes the commercials are such a draw every year because advertisers invest tremendous amounts of money in them.

"They put so much money in them, and they basically put more thought into it," she said.

After the students finished munching in the cafeteria, about half relocated to Jaguar Hall's atrium to watch the game streaming from a projector screen.

At least one student said she didn't care at all about the commercials. Chasity Grimes said she attended the Super Bowl party to root for the Patriots.

"I always talk during the commercials," she said. "They're funny, but I'm here for the game."



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