Prayer is ammunition in spiritual war

Feb. 5, 2012 at 3:02 p.m.
Updated Feb. 4, 2012 at 8:05 p.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

We are in a war zone. Not the conventional war, but a spiritual battle for the minds and souls of our children. The lines are drawn to destroy traditional marriage and family as the basic teaching unit in our society. Now comes our government trying to force us to kill unborn babies through abortion, contraception and sterilization. A spiritual war is not against flesh and blood - no guns needed here. Prayer, fasting, penance and love are our only weapons - living and doing what is right are what is needed.

Is your church pro-death? Many churches in Victoria are Pro-Choice.

The Presbyterians' insurance will pay for a doctor to perform an abortion. Methodists and Episcopalians say that they are pro-choice. Lutherans are mostly confused and non-committal.

Baptists, Catholics and independents are mostly Pro-Life, but congregations are often split. What can you do? The only answer is prayer and love. We must pray for our pastors and congregations and reach out to them with love. "They are caught up in a web of lies. The only thing that can penetrate it is prayer. Reason can't; intellect can't."

Revelation: 11 and 22 - Outside of heaven are the sodomites, and murders, the unchaste and liars.

Every American needs to know the truth about choice.

Unwanted, coerced or even forced abortions are common in America.

Pregnancy-related discrimination, abuse and injustices, and serious after effects are also common.

Here are the statistics, according to

64 percent of abortions involve coercion; 84 percent were not fully informed.

More than 50 percent of women having abortions felt rushed and uncertain, yet 67 percent received no counseling and 79 percent were not told about alternatives.

Coercion can escalate to violence. Homicide is the No. 1 killer of pregnant women.

Risk of death for women is 62 percent higher after abortion.

31 percent suffer health complications after abortion.

65 percent suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Clinical depression risk is 65 percent higher after abortion.

Suicide rates are six times higher after abortion.

Advocate for authentic women's rights.

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Wm. Paul Tasin, Victoria



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