Suspect cleared in Cuero child sexual assault case

Sonny Long

Feb. 8, 2012 at 4:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 7, 2012 at 8:08 p.m.

The Cuero Police Department has closed its investigation into an allegation of sexual contact between an adult and a child at a Cuero school in January.

No arrests or evidence of wrongdoing were determined, according to a news release from the police department on Wednesday.

The nearly month-long investigation into the allegation included interviews of the alleged victim by police officers and state certified forensic interview specialists, according to the news release.

The alleged incident was reported on Jan. 9 and was said to have occurred at John C. French Elementary School.

During the investigation, numerous Cuero school district employees and members of the alleged victim's family were interviewed.

Medical practitioners also were interviewed and an examination of the alleged victim's medical records was completed, according to the release.

The suspect also was interviewed by Cuero police and Texas Department of Public Safety officers.

The suspect, an independent contractor who was testing students, submitted to a polygraph examination administered by the DPS. Results of the polygraph exam indicated the alleged suspect was truthful in all answers and indicated no deception, according to the news release.

The suspect was not an employee of the school district.

Cuero school district superintendent Henry Lind declined to comment about the outcome of the investigation.

"In general, it is difficult to really determine why an allegation such as this would have been made," said Cuero Police Chief Jay Lewis.

"It could have come from something as simple as a misunderstanding on the part of the outcry witness."

Lewis said today's cultural environment also could lead to such misunderstandings.

"Children now are exposed to sexual displays and sexual innuendos in many different forms from television sitcoms to magazine advertisements to conversations between family members," said the police chief.

"Even children - as young as ages 3 or 4 - can make statements to other children and not understand the context of the words they are using to each other."

Dianne Boehm, a concerned Cuero resident who has voiced her concern about the alleged incident since it first became known, cried foul.

"They have worked hard to cover this alleged offense up to protect the school district at the expense of a little 4-year-old special needs child," she said. "Passing the polygraph tells me that this man has no conscience about his alleged offense."



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