Years ago for Sunday, Feb 19, 2012

Feb. 16, 2012 at midnight
Updated Feb. 15, 2012 at 8:16 p.m.


Feb. 19 - One of the most repeated questions in Victoria today is: "When are the lights going to be turned on?" With the traffic signals erected on the standards and everything ready to go from a layman's viewpoint, many Victorians are under the assumption that the flickers are to be turned on within the next day or so. City officials, however, state that some time will necessarily elapse before the lights are to be turned on for daily use.

Feb. 22 - J.W. King, a leading liveryman of this city, contemplates establishing a stage coach line between Victoria and Cuero and county points on account of the poor railroad service, which provides for trains only once every 24 hours and sometimes even longer than that, owing to delays. If the line is established, it will be the first of the kind to operate out of Victoria in nearly half a century. Mr. King will also try to contract with the government to carry a portion of the mail between this point and Cuero, which in itself would be of much commercial advantage to the city over the present slow and irregular service.

Feb. 25 - A trail of blood was discovered early this morning on the sidewalks along Santa Rosa Street in the business portion of the city, and led to the suspicion that some dire crime had been committed. The officers made an investigation, and found that someone had shot and killed Chris Sitterle's pet possum, the trail of blood leading to Mr. Sitterle's saloon cellar, where the body of the dead animal was found. It is presumed that the possum was depredating on a neighbor's chickens when he received the fatal charge.


Feb. 21 - Europe, after seven months of unofficial but ill-disguised intervention on both sides, decided Saturday to let Spain welter in its own blood as Fascist powers join democratic nations and the Soviet Union in barring further "volunteering."

Feb. 23 - Miss Una T. Hunter, head of the English Department in the Victoria Junior College, suffered a fractured collarbone last night when her car was in collision with an auto near Dry Creek. Miss Jessie Cabiness, teacher, and Miss Grace Kinkead, student, also in the car with Miss Hunter, were uninjured. None was hurt in the other car. Both autos were badly damaged.


Feb. 20 - Twenty-six members of the Marjorie Vickers Chapter of the Future Teachers Association at Victoria High School attended the organization's state convention held Friday and Saturday in Austin. Making the trip were Jo Ann Glenn, Linda Hotz, Sylvia Wacker, Inez Leura, Linda Tipton, Pat Wagner, Karen Hoff, Shirley Terry, Lusandra Ottosen, Sarilyn Salziger, Wilma Timme, Sharon Fowler, Pam Crain, Susie Blackburn, Emily Wilborne, Kay Owens, Beverly Badough, Susie Jamison, Jan Johnson, Kay Stark, Karen Anderson, Wanda Granger, Kitty Kelly, Nee Bout, Janelle Loyd and Lynn Letts.

Feb. 21 - Victoria High's Girl basketeers won the district championship Tuesday night. Sparked by Andy Reid, who scored 35 points and handled the ball superbly, the Stingarettes defeated Brazosport, 58-52. Miriam Holbrook scored 17 points for Victoria, Linda Johnson 2, and Bo MacHart 4. The stellar Andy Reid made her 35 points on eight field goals and 19 free throws in 21 attempts.

Feb. 23 - William H. Smith was presented the Distinguished Citizens Plaque at the annual Salvation Army awards dinner held Thursday night at Totah's Motel Restaurant. The award, presented by L.S. Johnson, noted that Smith had previously served for 25 years as president of the Victoria Independent School District Board of trustees, was formerly president of the Selective Service Board with offices here, an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and a director and executive committee member of Victoria Bank and Trust Company.

Feb. 24 - For adults who think that the sole interests of teenage boys and girls are hotrods, chocolate malts, the Twist and each other, the Science Fair is apt to be a revelation. The fair, third held by the Science Club of Victoria High School, opened Friday night in the high school gym with an opening night crowd estimated at 850. Sam Nichols, one of the faculty sponsors who is assisting the club with the fair, said Friday night that an actual count of exhibits still had not been held. He believed, however, that the number was apt to be almost twice the figure of around 200 in last year's event. Judging will be held Saturday morning.


Feb. 19 -Bianchi Pharmacy, 102 S. Main St., is scheduled to be featured in a segment of the "Eyes of Texas" series airing at 6:30 p.m. Saturday on Houston television station KRPC (Channel 2, cable 26).

Owned now by Vincent Bianchi, the downtown pharmacy at Main and Constitution streets originally opened in the mid-1800s as Victoria's first drug store. It operated under several names for more than a century before becoming Bianchi's in 1964.

Feb. 20 - Eighth-grader Jonathan Aldis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Aldis, of Inez, was winner of the Howell Intermediate Spelling Bee. He qualified for the countywide bee to be held March 5 in the Victoria Independent School District administration building. Runner up at Howell was seventh-grader Melanie Trevino, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Trevino.



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