Stacy edges Pahmiyer for week high bowling series

Feb. 22, 2012 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated Feb. 21, 2012 at 8:22 p.m.

In a battle for the top series, two left-handers found the lanes to their liking with a great strike ball in Red River League action.

Mike Stacy, a relative newcomer compared to Mark Pahmiyer, surged to the top with a league-leading high average and regular posting of the weekly high honors.

Stacy started league play with a 268 high game and then followed with games of 246 and 234 to finish with a 748 series.

Pahmiyer, an elite bowler since the 1970s, bowled an excellent middle game of 289 to help his total. He started the game with a spare, then rolled 10 strikes before a nine pin count stopped his bid for an eleven-in-a-row award. His other two games of 229 and 223 gave him a 741 set.

Todd Pfuhl was consistent and also broke the 700 mark with 254 high game helping towards a 732 total.

Other scores of note for the men were Michael Rodriguez (277-694), Mike Wortham (671), Mike Osterson (248-667), Elmo Smith (666), Steve Dickinson (662/662), Willet Parker (279), Charles Aiken (256), Tony Payne (256), and Steve Zeplin (255).

Senior bowlers Steve Gritta rolled and excellent 275 game and Norm Watkins bowled a nice 637 set.

Lynda Mikulec repeated with the women's weekly high score with a nice 626 series bowled during the Sugar & Spice League. She rolled games of 201, 226, and 199 for her total.

Ida Caballero broke the 600 mark with a 239 high, contributing towards a 601 set.

Other nice scores for the ladies were Christine Speer (243-591/242), Carri Lee (585), Delores Stroud (582) and Pat Robles (237).

Senior bowler Pauline Janak rolled a 237 for one of her best career games.

Vera Cruz Restaurant Bowlers of the Week are Rusty Cooper (768, Guys & Dolls) and Doris Schmidt (687, Captain's).

Upcoming Tournaments

A reminder that the deadline for the VUSBC Open City Tournament is March 9. The entry forms are available at the bowling houses or at

It is competed in two divisions and handicapped, so everyone has a chance to win or cash.

The women's city tournament has one squad of singles and doubles still to compete at the Century Lanes on Saturday at 3 p.m. before it concludes.

In Memoriam

It is with sorrow I note two former Victoria bowlers passed away recently: Norma Mitscherling Schmidt and David Gaona.

Norma competed in several leagues during her bowling career, including the Over The Hill senior league.

David, at one time, bowled in the Saturday handicap league.

My condolences and sympathy go out to the families.

Beyond the Crossroads

England's Dom Barrett defeated Sean Rash 247-204 in the finals of the World Series of Bowling Scorpin Open contested last Sunday.

Rash trimmed Barrett's lead to within a strike when a split derailed his chances.

This was Rash's fourth straight WSOB finals appearance without a victory. He has another chance in the GEICO Shark Open to be broadcast March 4.

With top qualifier Chris Barnes, Jason Belmonte (Austraila) and Mika Koivuniemi (Finland) also competing, there is still hope an American bowlers can win a World Series title this year.

Sunday, the 69th U.S. Open finals will be at 2 p.m. on ESPN.


WINTER SUNDAY STRIKERS 1ST JUSTICE LEAGUE Men: R. Gonzales 592; D. Dye 569; E. Smith 566;OVER THE HILL 1ST (tie) THROWN TOGETHER and THE 4'S Women: S. Garrett 530; P. Janak 235-526; B. Mathiews 223-505; Men: A. Garcia 234-615; S. Gritta 560; A. Hempel 553; M. Almendarez 548; B. Mouliere 542; M. Mathieu 537; J. Figueroa 533; J. Simmons 529; J. Bailey 501; MONDAY MIXED 1ST REDDING & ASSOCIATES Women: L. Heil 576; D. Stroud 219-539; R. Martinez 222-538; Men: S. Dickinson 230-634; B. Kitchens 235-631; K. Bryan 243-626; B.J. Rubio 621; S. Kocian 247-599; T. Payne 256-596; M. Redding 225-589; M. Church 562; C. Flores 558; E. Gonzales 550; J. Rodriguez 225; RED RIVER 1ST (tie) RANDY'S RAIDERS and STROUD'S VENDING Men: M. Stacy 268-748; M. Pahmiyer 289-741; M. Wortham 243-671; M. Conchola 227-626; K. Stacy 623; J. Wittenburg 236-615; T. Crowe 239-613; S. Snow 226-610; B. Marques 605; D. Blohm 605; A. Garcia 604; M. Ochoa 603; L. Caballero 600; K. Schupbach 597; J. Tweedle 590; W. Parker 279-588; L. Stroud 234-585; D. Erdelt 574; J. Figueroa 568; J.P. Reyna 567; R. Martinez 228-566; M. Osterson 564; T. Bennett 560; J. Matson 560; T. Pfuhl 555; W. Lorance 246-549; GUYS & DOLLS 1st PIT CREW/HONEY BADGERS Women: L. Heil 215-571; Men: E. Smith 243-666; N. Watkins 235-637; S. Gritta 275-632; J. Figueroa 245-628; E. Gonzales 234-611; R. Rendon 225-600; C. Martinka 590; B. Buzzell 563; J. Smith 560; R. Kalmus 552; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Women: L. Mikulec 226-626; C. Lee 212-585; D. Stroud 582; C. Speer 242-578; M. Bonuz 225-572; S. Guinn 553; T. Wortham 543; Men: M. Rodriguez 277-694; M. Osterson 248-667; J. Cano 237-647; K. Schupbach 225-642; L. Mikulec 247-640; C. Aiken 256-638; B. Mooney 634; D. Flores 246-632; J. Tweedle 248-621; S. Zeplin 255-600; M. Wortham 596; T. Bennett 594; R. Vivero 593; B. Hyden 590; J. Figueroa 585; K. Stacy 578; M. Svatek 237-575; B. Hilbig 572; B. Jackson 568; E. Fingers 566; R. Marek 565; D. Richards 564; L. Stroud 561; J. Gamez 552; J. Wittenburg 551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PURPLE ACES Women: D. Schmidt 202-531; D. Edison 511; SUNDOWNERS 1ST HAVE FAITH Women: I. Caballero 239-601; J. Thomas 213-564; P. Robles 237-554; N. Mergele 534; C. Wilson 213-532; S. Guinn 522; Men: T. Pfuhl 254-732; S. Dickinson 244-662; D. Mergele 237-647; G. Hatter Jr. 646; G. Mason 245-642; M. Stacy 247-634; L. Helms 243-633; M. Unger 226-626; M. McDonald 231-623; J. Godina 236-620; R. Brotze 242-612; D. Marques 226-609; Jordan Glass 244-604; J. Glass 603; L. Boyd 602; R. Ellis 233-585; R. Dixon 580; D. Reissig 578; G. Hatter Sr. 575; B. Marques 568; D. Garcia 565; D. Ellis 562; A. Hempel 562; J. Smith 561; J. Blaylock 559; M. Osterson 557; J. Blount 554; I. Gomez 554; B. Hamma ck 553; A. Vega 553; T. Tanner 552; D. Glass 230; DOW LEAGUE Women: E. Fuhrman 212-534; L. Verbout 211-520; Men: P. Bowland 235-603; J. Cavazos 228-598; R. Marek 564; S. Chavez 561; J. Rhymer 555; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 243-591; G. Blake 519; A. Nevarez 512; Men: S. Dickinson 238-662; E. Gonzales 232-647; D. Matthews 247-642; S. Snow 236-630; K. Blake 629; M. Conchola 245-619; J. Smith 227-610; S. Zeplin 601; M. Espindola 225-599; K. Bryan 240-598; D. Loya 231-585; B. Mooney 572; J. Tweedle 571; M. Ochoa 566; J. Flores 563; B. Luerssen 561; J. Robles 560; R. Vasquez 557; G. Hoskins 244; CENTURY YOUTH 1ST AMY & THE PINHEAD Girls: B. Koebrick 200-546; R. Wortham 444; Boys: T. Bassano 189-451; T. Bennett 446.



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