Oceans For Emotions: God's gotcha

By Elaine Wheat
Feb. 24, 2012 at midnight
Updated Feb. 23, 2012 at 8:24 p.m.

"There is none righteous, no, not one."

- Romans 3:10

This is the first week of this year's Lenten Season, and I am going to try to approach it in a new way, not for the things I can give up but by trying to increase my righteousness.

One day, I was fishing in the high surf at Port Aransas alongside my new principal, who had never tried surf fishing. Actually, I don't think he had ever tried fishing before, and actually, I don't think he had ever been outside before.

Nevertheless, Don proved to me that day that he was a good principal because he was willing to learn from his teachers. Don was fishing on the left side of me, and every time a wave hit us, he would go staggering backwards about 10 feet and then come trudging back just in time to get hit by another wave.

He finally asked me how I could just stay in one place when the waves hit, and he was spending all of his time getting bashed about. I said, "Don, I really don't know."

Finally, I heard an "aha," and he said, "I figured it out." I was sure glad to hear that because it was about time for teacher contracts to come out. My principal said, "While I was making my way back up here to fish by you, I noticed that every time a wave came, you turned sideways, letting the wave just roll around you."

With contract in mind, he asked me where I learned that and why I hadn't taught it to him. I answered, "I don't know where I learned that. I just watched my daddy, and that is what he did, so I did it, too. I guess he learned it from his father."

Last week, I heard a pastor preach a eulogy over a relatively young parishioner who he had had in his church all of her life. He related how someone had asked him if it wasn't terribly hard to preach a service like that. The pastor said that he could only do it by keeping one phrase in his mind which was, "God's gotcha."

Dear Lord, I will never be good enough or righteous enough to earn you, Lord. I, like everyone else, am a sinner. Help me to confess my sins to you and follow your way, and then I, too, can say, "God's gotcha."



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