Fishing should be great this spring

Feb. 26, 2012 at 12:03 a.m.
Updated Feb. 25, 2012 at 8:26 p.m.

Ty Goyen is holding a large speckled trout caught on a recent trip to Baffin Bay. He was using a Keylime Gambler.

Ty Goyen is holding a large speckled trout caught on a recent trip to Baffin Bay. He was using a Keylime Gambler.

Hello Anglers! It's good to be talking about what I love to do most, and that's fishing on the Texas Coast. Driving over the Guadalupe River Bridge a few weeks ago caused me to be truly grateful. The river was at flood stage dumping all kinds of much needed fresh water into the back of San Antonio Bay. The currents will pull the water toward the Port O'Connor and Port Aransas jetties so that all bays in between will get a percentage of fresh water. This is truly a blessing! Fishing from Port O'Connor to Rockport should be tremendous this spring and summer. We've had a considerable amount of rain but we can still use a lot more. Most ponds, lakes and creeks are still lower than the norm but I'm truly thankful for what we have already received.

All my trips since the first part of January have been in the Baffin Bay arena. Fishing in Baffin Bay this past December was the best in years but numerous fronts with extreme high barometer levels have made fishing or should I say catching more famine than feast from the first of the year through the first week of February. More reports of big trout being caught have come in the second week of February through now which shows that Baffin Bay fishing is fixing to bust wide open. I've had several trips down there when the water has been too calm or too foggy. We just need some consistent weather patterns. It seems like the fish are feeding heavily every 3rd or 4th day. Patience and being at the right place at the right time is still crucial. Checking major fish feeding times are also crucial. Make sure you're in your best spot and grind it out with confidence until the major fishing time ends. Key lime, solid white and purple with white Gamblers slow rolled across waist deep water over soft mud and grass have taken a big percentage of big trout. Pink has also been very effective. The Pink Fat Boy Corky, Pink Corky Devil, Pink Shine Gulp Jerk Shads and Pink Glitter Paddle Tail soft plastics by Brown Lures have also been the go to baits. Jimmy Burns caught a 9-1/2-pound beast on a Black Morning Glory Bass-Assassin two days before the SCB Baffin Cup Tourney. The big trout are there!

Fifty-six teams with 122 of the finest anglers showed up for the first Simmons Custom Boat Baffin Cup this past weekend held out of Doc's Seafood next to Marker 37 Marina. This was a first class tournament put on by Eric Simmons of Simmons Custom Boats and his staff. This was a two day tourney with no boundaries. Anglers could fish anywhere their boat would take them. All participants had to check in at the pier in the morning before takeoff. My son, Daniel, and I also fished in this tourney but boat problems caused us to go home a day early. First place paid out a whopping $20,000 and was won by just .02 of an ounce. I can't wait until the next one!

Here are the results of the top six teams:•  1) David Rowsey, Mark Holt 41.22 lbs.

•  2) Chad Peterek, Rocky Whitley 41.20 lbs.

•  3) Eric Simmons, Jimmy Lloyd 37.66 lbs.

•  4) Jake Luedecke, Mark Atkinson 36.77 lbs.

•  5) Jason King, Jay Ray Watkins 35.77 lbs.

•  6) Clint Anderson, Josh Clamer 32.40 lbs.

The team of Eric Simmons weighed in the big trout -- 7.94 lbs. Ninety-five percent of the trout caught were alive and released back into the bay. How awesome is that!

More Good News! The CCA of Texas recently announced a $500,000 matching grant to initiate a new push in generating the funding to open Cedar Bayou and Vincent Slough. After decades of negative impacts from siltation and water flows, an estimated $6.5 million effort will be required to open the vital connection from Mesquite and Aransas Bays to the Gulf of Mexico. There is still a lot of money to be raised and a lot of work to do, but the CCA Texas kicked off a critical next step with this financial support. Along with the kick-off funding CCA Texas will partner with Aransas County in providing funds to secure a professional fundraiser to pursue the needed dollars to complete the dredging project. To date, Aransas County has already secured $500,000 in Coastal Impact Assistance Program funds for the project.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the economic and environmental future of Aransas County and the State of Texas," said Judge C.H. Mills. "Our partnership with CCA in this important effort is a much needed boost to push this initiative forward." This came from a news release from the CCA headquarters in Houston. This is great news. I encourage you to support Texas CCA and your local Mid-Coast Chapter CCA so that additional funds can be sent for this much needed project.

Good Fishin'Captain Danny



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