Mikulec captures third city bowling title

By Abel Garia - Special to Victoria Advocate
Feb. 29, 2012 at 10 p.m.
Updated Feb. 28, 2012 at 8:29 p.m.

Lynda Mikulec won her third career Victoria Women's City Championship title last Saturday when she completed her doubles and singles events at the Century Lanes.

Mikulec moved past last week's leader Delores Stroud with scratch scores of 603 in doubles and 568 in the singles event. She had posted a 564 during last week's team event, which gave her a total of 1,735 pins for the nine games.

Lynda's previous City Championship victories had been in 1991 and 1994.

The City Championship is the only event that is based on scratch scores.

Mikulelc also teamed with Trudy Wortham to win the Division 1 doubles event with a score of 1,343. Wortham led the way with a very nice 722 handicap set and Mikulec posted a 621.

Last week's leaders Delores Stroud and Carri Lee dropped to second place and out of the money with their score of 1,326.

The prize money list is based on the number of entries per event in each division.

Another great performance during Saturday's competition was by Rebekah Martinez, who won the singles, team and all events titles in Division 2.

Martinez's tremendous bowling improvement from last year was obvious when she bowled a 636 scratch set and 808 handicap series in the singles event.

She also ran away with the all events title with a nine game score of 2,194.

Martinez also teamed with mother Patricia Bellanger to claim second place money in the Division 2 doubles event with a score of 1,298.

Winning the doubles event were last week's leaders Chris Sturm and Betty Scheffer with their score of 1,381.

Carol Goode and Patricia Tidwell dropped to third place money with their score of 1,286.

In the singles event, Samantha Wharton won the Division 1 title with a 707 series, posted during the first week of competition. Ida Caballero won second place money with a score of 692.

Martinez bowled her great 808 series to take the title in Division 2. Last week's leader Doris Schmidt dropped to second place with her score of 659. Sharold Garrett won third place money with a set of 657 and Deborah Bues claimed the fourth place spot with a 655.

Winning the Division 1 team event were the team Game Over with a score of 2,729. Team members were Lynda Mikulec, Chris Guerra, Joaana Sanders, Ida Caballero, and Samantha Wharton.

The team Thrown Together won the Division 2 team event with a score of 3,156. Team members were Rebekah Martinez, Patricia Bellanger Dawn Marek, Michelle Bonuz, and Lori Heil.

Stroud's won second place money with a score of 3,141. Team members were Delores Stroud, Amanda Kern, Nora Molina, Deborash Bues, and Carri Lee.

Delores Stroud won the Division 1 handicap all events title with a score of 1,994. Betty Scheffer claimed second place money with a score of 1,939.

Martinez won the Division 2 all events title with her score of 2,194.

Patricia Bellanger took over second place with a nice total of 2,007 and last week's leader Deborah Bues dropped to third place money with her score of 1,989. Chris Sturm finished fourth with her 1,961 total.

This years' tournament was well represented by senior bowlers, who made up over 40 percent of the competition.

Very nice scratch scores during tournament competition were Samantha Wharton 220-624, Ida caballero 224-611, Delores Stroud 221-597, Trudy Wortham 243-644, Rebekah Martinez 222-225-626, and Lynda Mikulec 211-603/238.



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