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Chomp! Four Seasons offers taste of the East in Port Lavaca

By by jessica rodrigo/
Jan. 4, 2012 at 1:03 p.m.
Updated Jan. 3, 2012 at 7:04 p.m.

The curry pork dish at Four Seasons is available in a similar style with beef or a Thai-style curry chicken. Either way, it's sure to be cooked fresh to order and with more than enough for leftovers.

When I first moved to Victoria, I was bothered by the lack of zoning for commercial and residential areas, which meant there might be a retail business next to a house.

But after a while, it began to make some sense to me. People can sell things from their home. Daycares can be fashioned out of living rooms and backyards.

Restaurants like Four Seasons in Port Lavaca can serve great eats out of their own kitchen.

Aside from a few signs out front, the Four Seasons Restaurant is nothing but a home with tables spread throughout the living areas and, as I can only imagine, bedrooms that are adorned with framed photos and other homely objects.

During my visit, I opened the menu and found myself a tad overwhelmed by the selection available. The menu includes Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Szechuan cuisines, so I wanted to try so many different things. But, alas, I buckled under the pressure and asked for some assistance. And they offered it to me.

A plate of curry pork with bell peppers, bamboo shoots, carrots and onions in a light curry sauce made with coconut milk and a side of white rice arrived at my table.

It was a good choice on the part of the server to recommend it because I was looking for something different. I told him I wasn't feeling beef or chicken at the time and no noodles either. Score one for Four Seasons.

The best thing about the dish was that it brought me back to being at home when my pops would cook live crabs. My pops will cook blue crabs in just about the same ingredients, and it has a similar flavor profile to their curry pork. Yum.

Cambodian music played in the background, and the soft wail of an infant reminded me that I was in fact in someone's home. But it didn't matter, the food was delicious.

And if the owners are willing to let people into their home to share the food from their homeland, I will gladly return, if not just to remind myself of my parents' home while I live here in Victoria.



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