Life At Its Best: Words are powerful; use them wisely

Jan. 6, 2012 at midnight
Updated Jan. 5, 2012 at 7:06 p.m.

By Jim Graff"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me." As kids, most of us heard this little saying at one time or another. And while it was probably used to help us ignore some negative teasing on the playground, it's not at all a true statement. In fact, no statement could be further from the truth.

Words not only have the ability to hurt us, but they also have the ability to destroy valuable things in our lives. Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit."

You see, words produce fruit. They're like seeds that cause things to grow all around us. That's how God created the world in Genesis, Chapter 1.

The Earth was dark and empty, and God began to speak words that turned light into darkness. Those words also brought forth plants and animals, the sun, stars and seasons. He used his words to create a beautiful world for us.

God has given us that same ability to create our world with the words we speak. We can use them to plant seeds of hope, encouragement and blessing in the hearts of those around us.

In the Bible, he's given us more than 7,000 truths that can transform us, our homes and even our circumstances. But we must allow them to get inside our hearts and through our lips.

Not long ago, I met a man who came through town to see one of our teachers. He shared with me his story and what had happened to him when he was in her class many years ago.

As a boy, he experienced a reaction to medication that ended up affecting part of his brain. The doctors told his parents that because of this situation, he'd probably need to be specially cared for throughout his life.

He told me how he constantly made D's and F's in school and felt like such a failure. One day, instead of writing his name across the top of his paper, he wrote the word "dumb" in big letters.

Well, when this particular teacher saw what he'd done, she asked to see him after class. She began to tell him that God could help him learn. She also informed him that he was no longer to write "dumb" on the top of his paper, but to write Philippians 4:13, which says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

This teacher began to believe in him, and through her words, she planted in him seeds of success and significance. Over a period of time, those little boy's D's and F's began to turn into B's and C's. He eventually graduated from high school and went on to graduate from college and seminary.

Today, he has a successful church and says he's incredibly grateful for someone who understood the value of words. Together, let's do the same. Let's use our words as seeds to produce beauty in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Jim Graff is the Senior Pastor of Faith Family Church in Victoria;.



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