Blake and Speer earn local bowlers' top scores

Jan. 11, 2012 at 10:01 p.m.
Updated Jan. 10, 2012 at 7:11 p.m.

Kim Blake and Christine Speer were the headliners this past week by earning the high-score honors.

Blake outdistanced the men's field with great individual game scoring while competing in the Friday Mixed League.

Blake rolled games of 233, 256, and 255 to post a great 744 series for the night.

Speer was high for the women by a large margin as she blasted the pins for an excellent series in the Sugar & Spice League.

She posted games of 227, 212, and 248 to total 687 for the night.

Mike Wortham and Mike Stacy also broke the 700 mark to claim the next high totals.

Wortham rolled two excellent games of 258 and 255, contributing toward a 714 set. Stacy was consistent all three games to claim a 701 series.

Other great scores for the men were Randy Vivero (259-699/696), Tom Crowe (698), Jerry Cano (697), T.J. Mooney (268-688/675), Kenny Schupbach (257-687/665), Glenn Mason (258-680/652), Todd Pfuhl (267-679), Dave Matthews (676), Richard Brotze (256-674), Robert Fissler (670), Brian Hyden (670), Steve Dickinson (670), Kevin Stacy (255-663), Mark Svatek (663), Mark Pahmiyer (266-661), Michael Rodriguez (658), Ben Mooney (249-656), Justin Tweedle (269), Larry Boyd (255), Joe Wittenburg (248), and Robert Pfeil (248).

Other nice scores for the women were Lorie Heil 236-596, Carri Lee 595 and Samantha Wharton 586.

Vera Cruz bowlers for the week were Kim Blake (744, Friday Mixed) and Christine Speer (729, Sugar & Spice).

The entry forms for the Victoria USBC Ladies and Open Tournaments are available at each bowling house or may be downloaded at

The entry deadline for the ladies is Feb. 10 and for the open is March 9.

Start getting your league teams together and submit entries for a competitive tournament.

The entry deadline for the Texas State USBC Open to be held in the Austin area is Feb. 1, so you have less then three weeks to beat the deadline. This year's state open competition will be based on divisions and handicapped.

The state annual women's championship will be held in the Ft. Worth area, and the entry deadline is March 15.

It is with sorrow that I note of another former Victoria bowler having passed away recently.

John Kruppa Jr. bowled in the late 1960s and early 70s. He was co-champion of the Division I singles title in 1967 and claimed the outright 1968 singles crown. He also teamed with Bobbie Sisti to win the Division I doubles title in 1970.

John was the first one to get me involved with local bowling association meetings when he asked me to be a league delegate in 1967.

My condolences and sympathy to his family.

Australian Jason Belmonte captured the fourth and final division of the PBA World Championships. He joins Osku Palermaa, Ryan Shafer, and Sean Rash as the final four to compete for the first PBA Major title of the year.

The winner earns $50,000 and a berth in the round of 36 for the end of season PBA Tournament of Champions.

Belmonte earned a bonus $10,000 for having bowled a 300 game on national television during he second game of the match broadcast last Sunday.

The PBA World finals will be televised Sunday at noon on ESPN.

WOODLAWN DUO 1ST G SPOT Men: R. Pfeil 248-628; J. Holbert 606; R. Gonzales 580; TURKEY TOTTERS 1ST FOXY LADIES No high scores OVER THE HILL 1ST THE 4'S Men: J. Figueroa 233-595; D. Persilver 559; A. Scheffer 211-551; S. Gritta 525; V. Navarro 227; MONDAY MIXED 1ST HANG THIS Women: L. Heil 236-596; D. Stroud 560; R. Martinez 545; N. Mergele 211-541; Men: T. Bassano 608; B. Luerssen 604; S. Dickinson 596; D. Dye 596; B. Redding 227-594; D. Loya 578; B.J. Rubio 567; B. Kitchens 564; M. Church 562; J. Mayer 562; J. Rodriguez 237; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST 2+2 Women: C. Speer 248-687; C. Lee 210-595; S. Guinn 226-553; P. Jackson 536; J. Sanders 532; D. Buse 221; E. Estrada 223; Men: M. Wharton 258-714; R. Vivero 259-699; J. Cano 247-697; T.J. Mooney 244-675; R. Fisseler 244-670; B. Hyden 236-670; K. Schupbach 247-665; M. Svatek 234-663; M. Rodriguez 228-658; B. Mooney 249-656; L. Mikulec 248-642; C. Kurtz 227-630; R. Ellis 234-612; S. Zeplin 607; M. Osterson 607; J. Figueroa 599; T. Bennett 581; J. Parratt 226-579; K. Stacy 578; C. Aiken 574; J. Martinez 573; B. Hilbig 569; J. Bryant 234-567; A. Rodriguez 564; K. Weinheimer 558; J. Oswalt 551; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PURPLE ACES Women: D. Edison 512; DOW LEAGUE 1ST (tie) GUTTER DUSTERS and A DRINKING TEAM Men: J. Bryant 602; J. Rhymer 228-597; D. Chavez 226-595; K. Rosales 594; R. Marek 585; P. Verbout 227-581; S. Bis 580; R. Clark 564; R. Vidaumi 553; J. Cavazos 228-553; SUNDOWNERS 1ST (three way tie) SHAKE IT OFF, BELLANGER'S TEAM, AND AVERAGE JOE'S Women: S. Wharton 213-586; R. Martinez 551; I. Caballero 549; S. Guinn 532; D. Gabrysch 531; T. Mason 525; C. Wilson 209; Men: M. Stacy 246-701; G. Mason 258-680; D. Matthews 247-676; R. Brotze 256-674; S. Dickinson 239-670; K. Stacy 255-663; L. Boyd 255-646; R. Morris 633; R. Ellis 246-614; A. Vega 244-609; L. Helms 605; G. Hatter Sr. 602; B. Hammack 594; S. Miller 587; T. Bennett 578; D. Mergele 573; E. Stevens Sr. 572; M. Unger 570; R. Gabrysch 244-564; A. Suarez 561; R. Polensky 557; C. O'Brien 556; J. smith 550; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 575; K. Garcia 212-527; T. Pucciarello 232; Men: K. Blake 256-744; T.J. Mooney 268-688; B. Kitchens 636; D. Matthews 237-626; D. Hayward 225-624; B. Mooney 618; J. Tweedle 617; S. Dickinson 612; R. Vasquez 226-612; M. Conchola 590; D. Loya 578; S. snow 562; O. Tabora 559.



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