One man's list of rock-'n'-roll greats

By by nick rogers/
Jan. 11, 2012 at 1:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 10, 2012 at 7:11 p.m.

One day, I was trying to answer a question I asked of myself: If I could only choose 10 rocks songs to be stuck with on a deserted island, what would I pick? Then, I would write my answer in the very space.

The problem was, I couldn't choose just 10 songs. So, as any good, red-blooded American would do, I decided to cheat. I would, instead, break the lists down into different periods of rock music, a much easier proposition.

But then I ran into more difficulty. For example, any list for songs from the 1960s would be dominated by the Beatles, which wouldn't be fair to a number of other great bands from that period, such as The Supremes, who had 12 No. 1 hits, six alone between 1964-66. It was another quandary.

So, I cheated some more.

I decided to break down the lists into 11 periods of rock music: the 1950s; 1960-65 American artists; 1960-65 British artists; 1966-69 American; 1966-69 British; 1970-75; 1976-79; the 1980s; the 1990s; 2000-2009; and, finally, The Beatles.

Even with all these lists, it's still damn hard to pick just 10. Even from the 80s.

Why do The Beatles get a category all their own? Because they are the standard by which all bands are judged and, more importantly, I'm a big Beatles fan and these are my lists.

This brings up an important point: These lists are not meant to be definitive of the best songs. Instead, they are a collection of what songs I would choose with an explanation of why I chose them. You may find you agree or mightily disagree. Whatever. They're my lists, and I'm sticking to them.



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