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Fuhrman rolls perfect game; Stacy posts high series

Jan. 18, 2012 at 9:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 17, 2012 at 7:18 p.m.

Les Fuhrman was king of the hill for one game when he bowled a 300 during Dow League competition.

He sandwiched the perfect game between scores of 203 and 217 to finish with a 720 series for the night.

This was Fuhrman's first 300 game.

Mike Stacy was pretty consistent during last week's bowling with two sets over the 700 mark.

He was high for the week during Red River League play with games of 235, 267, and 236 to total 738. Stacy also posted a 258-712 in another league.

Also breaking the 700 mark were T.J. Mooney and Randy Vivero.

Mooney blasted the pins with a 258 high game contributing towards a 715 set, and he also rolled a nice 665 total in another league.

Vivero was consistent with three games to post a 704 series.

Other scores of note for the men were Abel Garcia (268-699), Steve Dickinson (698/257), Larry Helms (279-696), Dave Matthews (269-695/263-686), Kenny Schupbach (696), Mark Pahmiyer (269-687), Bobby Marques (678), Darryl Mergele (677), Michael Conchola (665), Korey Bryan (655), Kevin Stacy (652), Robert Ellis (265), Manuel Cantu (259), Kim Blake (256), Sterling Kocian (255) and William Jackson (255).

Christine Speer was high for the women with an excellent 266 final game, helping toward a great 668 set in Sugar & Spice play. She started with games of 190 and 212.

Carri Lee and Lori Heil posted very nice scores this past week. Lee rolled a 237-651, and Heil rolled two scores of 238-645 and 601.

Vera Cruz Restaurant bowlers for the week were Les Fuhrman (738, Dow Mixed) and Christine Speer (704, Sugar & Spice).

Finland's Osku Palemaa won the PBA World Championship telecast last Sunday. He becomes the first international player to win this major PBA bowling title.

He defeated Ryan Shafer in the final game 203-177.

Jason Belmonte and Sean Rash had been eliminated in previous games.

Next Sunday, the Bayer Viper Open will be broadcast at 2:00 p.m. instead of the regular noon starting time.

Don Carter, one of the greatest bowlers of all time, passed away Jan. 6 at the age of 85.

Carter was well known for his quirky, bent-elbow push style of release, but he won many championships among the greats of his time in the 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

He was also a founding member of the original Professional Bowling Tour.

Among his victories were the World Invitational (five times), the All Star - now known as the U.S. Open - (four times) and won the bowler of the year award six times.

Old time bowlers will also remember the famous Budweiser team, with a lineup of Carter, Ray Bluth, Tom Hennessey, Pat Paterson, and Dick Weber. They held the world record for team high series for a long time.

After his playing days were over, he was a bowling proprietor of many lanes.

WOODLAWN DUO 1ST G SPOT Women: M. Gonzales 503; Men: J. Holbert 614; R. Pfeil 227-583; L. Hall 236-554; OVER THE HILL 1ST (3 way tie) CHALLENGERS, THROWN TOGETHER, and THE 4'S Women: S. Garrett 557; C. Goode 504; Men: A. Garcia 227-628; J. Figueroa 227-608; M. Almendarez 548; J. Schmidt 524; W. Conaway 524; C. Schubert 225-524; S. Gritta 518; RED RIVER 1ST RANDY'S RAIDERS Men: M. Stacy 267-738; A. Garcia 268-699; D. Matthews 269-695; M. Paymiyer 269-687; T. Crowe 228-633; T. Pfuhl 236-625; D. Richards 610; D. Flores 605; R. Thompson 226-604; R. Morris 230-603; S. Snow 602; K. Schupbach 599; S. Zeplin 597; L. Stroud 592; J. Tweedle 592; J. Guerra 584; J. Molina 582; D. Marques 580; J.P. Reyna 578; J. Rodriguez 575; D. Blohm 227-573; T. Bennett 566; J. Matson 565; MONDAY MIXED Women: L. Heil 576; N. Mergele 538; R. Martinez 520; Men: S. Dickinson 246-698; D. Dye 628; S. Kocian 255-621; C. Flores 615; T. Payne 578; D. Padgett 573; J. Rodriguez 572; B.J. Rubio 553; D. Loya 552; GUYS & DOLLS 1st (tie) ALL STARS and DRUNK AZZES Women: L. Heil 238-645; Men: R. Kalmus 639; M. Mathieu 607; M.Osterson 574; E. Gonzales 567; C. Martinka 560; S. Gritta 549; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST 2+2 Women: C. Speer 266-668; C. Lee 237-651; T. Wortham 547; J. Reyna 545; D. Stroud 212-534; S. Guinn 528; Men: T.J. Mooney 258-715; R. Vivero 239-704; K. Schupbach 247-696; K. Stacy 236-652; L. Mikulec 247-636; R. Ellis 265-634; M. Svatek 225-632; B. Hyden 234-628; J. Tweedle 237-619; M. Osterson 226-606; J. Cano 587; M. Wortham 578; J. Martinez 226-574; C. Aiken 574; S. Zeplin 565; C. Kurtz 564; B. Jackson 564; T. Bennett 564; K. Weinheimer 559; R. Marek 550; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PURPLE ACES Women: D. Schmidt 521; L. Goryews 510; SUNDOWNERS 1ST AVERAGE JOE'S Women: L. Heil 601; J. Sanders 574; P. Robles 568; J. Thomas 539; M. Rojas 209-538; J. Sims 534; S. Guinn 532; S. Wharton 526; L. Cooper 213; Men: M. Stacy 258-712; L. Helms 279-696; B. Marques 229-678; D. Mergele 247-677; W. Jackson 255-643; D. Marques 247-640; G. Hatter Sr. 225-623; D. Reissig 245-618; C. O'Brien 617; M. Michalec 234-610; S. Dickinson 606; J. glass 600; M. Unger 599; D. Glass 227-595; R. Polensky 592; R. Ellis 592; B. Hammack 592; J. Glass 574; R. Morris 573; M. Golden 566; T. Bennett 233-565; T. Tanner 562; J. Blount 557; T. Pfuhl 554; D. Ellis 550; J. Hernandez Sr. 246; R. Gabrysch 227; DOW LEAGUE 1ST BANDIDOS and GUTTER DUSTERS Men: L. Fuhrman 300-720; P. Bowland 605; R. Marek 226-603; J. Oswalt 595; S. Blis 574; J. Rhymer 562; E. Torres 550; FRIDAY MIXED 1ST BS NO WHAMMY Women: C. Speer 236-597; S. Gomez 531; N. Schmidt 529; N. Mergele 528; Men: D. Matthews 263-686; M. Conchola 232-665; T.J. Mooney 241-665; K. Bryan 231-655; D. Loya 233-646; S. Dickinson 257-630; K. Blake 256-625; J. Tweedle 597; S. Snow 246-589; B. Kitchens 247-582; J. Flores 580; M. Cantu 259-576; J. smith 236-567; B. Mooney 567; B. Breaux 555; R. Morris 555; CENTURY YOUTH 1ST THE BIG "D" Girls: R. Wortham 185-526; A. Moore 183-500; Boys: T. Bassano 183-455.



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