GC: Melvin's Menswear knows men's fashion

Jessica  Rodrigo By Jessica Rodrigo

Jan. 26, 2012 at 10:02 a.m.
Updated Jan. 25, 2012 at 7:26 p.m.

Victoria may not be the Mecca for all things fashion, but at least men in the Golden Crescent can dress the part, thanks to long-time, locally-owned Melvin's Menswear.

Since its inception in the 1970s, Melvin's has been the go-to for anything from formal to casual wear. In the '70s, Melvin and Mary Jane Dusek bought the business as Globe Clothiers in a shopping center on Airline.

Current manager, Marvin O'Neill, remembers when he started 35 years ago, a handful of stores were available, and he said now Melvin's is one of the only men's clothing stores left in the area.

Despite the larger department store chains in Victoria Mall, Melvin's has held onto the market for men's clothing and offers customers what they call "front-door parking," which they believe is more convenient than what their competitors offer.

In May 1994, the store moved from its original location at 1403 E. Airline to its current mainstay on Navarro in the Whispering Creek shopping center. They wanted to move where Victoria was growing.

"We had really good business then, and we're proud to say it's stayed with us," he said. "We're very, very big on customer service," the manager said. "We want to know the customer when they walk in the door, and we want to remember them next time they come in."

Melvin's provides customers with a full package of services, including measuring and fitting garments and lifetime alterations. "I've seen items come in here that are 30 years old, that some of the old-timers just don't want to get rid of," he said. From the day of sale on to the wedding, Christmas party, etc., the garments are eligible for alterations.

As styles come and go, O'Neill said the traditional, two-button suit will always be in style. "I was here in '76 when the leisure suits were fashion," he said smiling. He added he saw the suits with the contrasting edging, the three-button suits, and, nowadays, he said he's seeing a lot more vests making their way back. "(Fashion) makes cycles, and we've been around long enough to see them," he said.



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