Ask Chuck: Say Happy Valentine's Day with hairstyle makeovers, professional massages

Jan. 26, 2012 at midnight
Updated Jan. 25, 2012 at 7:26 p.m.

By Charles Colson

Do many local hairstylists completely makeover men's and women's hair?

There are several who I know are able to handle this request. Recently, I have had the pleasure of working with both sexes in this manner, and they felt like new people. My motto is this: Give it a chance, and you won't believe how a new hairstyle will take care of those drab days for you.

A hairstyle makeover usually includes personal design haircuts, permanent coloring and great tips on finishing the style so it adapts to your personality. Even men appreciate new changes, believe it or not. Don't you think a Valentine's Day gift certificate for these purposes would make the perfect impact?

Can you be more specific and give an example of a recent hairstyle makeover you created?

Most definitely.

About two weeks ago, a lady called me and seemed quite depressed with her age and low self esteem. She knew she wanted something different, but didn't know what. Her hair was completely white and did make her look at least 15 years older than she was. She asked for me to please help me out.

Using the white hair as the base color, I frosted at least half of it with a chestnut brown permanent dye. You wouldn't believe the outcome. The two colors blended together and took on a beautiful marbleized look and enhanced her complexion to the degree that she then looked 15 years younger than her age. It completed both our days.

She left me with an unforgettable compliment when she said, "This is so not Victoria, it's more New York fashion."

Can massage therapy become a makeover too?

In a certain sense, yes. I realize most feel like it is more of a work over, but the therapist is actually doing your body a favor. If you begin feeling much better and in much less pain, then your body did receive a great makeover.

Bodywork allows the natural endorphins to help us heal from inside. It is phenomenal for people with high blood pressure, headaches, depression, lack of energy and weight control. It brings you back to yourself. So what do you think? Wouldn't this be a perfect way to say Happy Valentine's Day to your sweetheart? Imagine this as a gift of good health.

So do most of these professionals have gift certificates available?

If they don't, I bet they can fix you up with one pretty quick. Gift certificates for the purposes mentioned above are perfect solutions for someone who is hard to buy for or seems to already have everything. I have never seen where men or women didn't appreciate it greatly. Most gift certificates will be good for at least one year unless stated differently.

This is perfect for hiding until the last minute, when they are thinking, "Did he or she really think of me?"

Remember, you have until midnight of Feb. 14. Go for it and see if you get a tighter hug.

Charles Colson is a local hairstylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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