62nd Anniversary Peggy and Jerry

July 8, 2012 at 2:08 a.m.

62nd Anniversary

Peggy and Jerry Wheeler will celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary the 17th of June. They were married at a little church, Peary Place Methodist in Corpus Christi, Texas. Jerry was 19 and Peggy 17. They now have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren. At the time of their marriage, Jerry was working for Pontiac refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas and Peggy was working at jack and Jill children's shop. After a few years they purchased an existing Sporting goods store "Sportman's Center. They changed the name to "Sportsman's Centers of Texas" They continued in these stores for 32 years.

They opened a store in Brownsville, Texas and after closing they sold the Brownsville store to their store manager for three years then retired to Victoria, Texas.

After retiring they joined John Wesley Methodist Church in Victoria. Mr. Wheeler became a Lay minister and served his local church and many Methodist churches in the Victoria area as Lay minister as needed. Peggy was very active in the church for several years. She was awarded the "Distinguished Disciple award" for her work in the church. Mr. Wheeler served in the navel reserve for six years before retiring.

Jerry and Peggy was the only child in their family. There are now 26 members of their family. Jerry went to Del Mar College in Corpus Christi on a football scholarship. They met at the boulevard drive theater in 1948, and continued their courtship until June 1950 then were married. Their first child was born in 1951 a daughter, Penny Louise Jones. Then they had 3 boys. Their best friends Bob and Betty McKinley was friends in high school Jerry played sports at Sundeen High School and Bobby played for Flour Bluff high school. They were very competitive through high school, and then become best friends until now.

Bob and Betty were married one year after the Wheelers in 1951. They will celebrate their 62nd anniversary in July 2013. The McKinley's moved into a retirement home in 2012 and the Wheeler's will move into an assisted living retirement home in November of this year 2012.



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