Billboards are the least of Victoria's problems

July 8, 2012 at 2:08 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

What's with all of the hoopla about billboards? There are many more important things that need to be addressed in Victoria. Streets, trash, and traffic to name a few.

The stretch of road that leads into one of our largest and finest attractions is an embarrassment to this community. I invite our City Council to drive down Red River to the park. This entrance is absolutely disgraceful. The only thing good about it is that it makes yours eyes wobble so much that you can't focus on the "Convention" Center that has the attraction of an abandoned junk yard.

We need to focus more on the "Trash Epidemic" that plagues this city.

Business owners, please clean up around your facilities. Citizens of Victoria, the streets and parking lots are not your dumpster. Also, dumpsters rented by business are not for your use. You do not rent them. If you use them, it is called theft of service.

Another subject I would like to address is the use of "Left Turn Lanes."

Did you know it is illegal to use them to merge into traffic? Yes, really it is. If you are using it as such and you have a wreck, it is your fault. It is not a lane of traffic for merging. It is only to be used to decelerate for a left turn only, period. That's it, nothing else.

Parents, please take the time to actually teach your kids the rules of the road. Our younger generation's driving habits are downright scary.

Speed limits, stop signs and turn signals mean nothing to many of them.

Maybe they are just following the examples of who taught or didn't teach them? Texting kills.

Please focus on streets, trash and traffic. Billboard drama. Really?

Besides, they actually generate tax dollars. Leave them alone and get to real problems that need addressing.

Bruce E. Woods, Victoria



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