Voters need to ask the right questions

July 9, 2012 at 2:09 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

Questions, questions, questions.... It was recently reported that Mitt Romney's wife has said that he would chose a woman for his running mate. Then all the news pondits said that he should choose a Hispanic or black female, thereby insuring the female, Hispanic and black vote. I have been raised to believe that if a white male voted for a person because that candidate was a white male, then he was a racist.

If that is true, then if a black person or Hispanic person votes for a candidate because they are black or Hispanic, does this not make them a racist? I mean nothing wrong with this question. I am just asking. What a person should ask themselves when choosing who they should vote for is am I better off now than I was before the present politician came in office? Did I get my house paid for by this man? Is the gas for my car cheaper? Do I pay less taxes? etc. etc. If you are not better off now than 4 years ago, what makes you think you will be better off with that person in office for 4 more years? Just a thought. I am just a common man, so, I only ask myself easy questions. This sure seems like an easy question to me. Just something to think about.

David Strickland, Inez



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